“What do you actually do?”

I try to assist the animals to heal themselves by addressing the reasons and experiences in their lives that may be causing them to be unwell. These will include things in the physical, emotional,
behavioural, environmental and historic.

As a Veterinarian I have many skills and as a disciple of a Spiritual Master many of these skills are considerably augmented.

“How do you treat animals?”

From my meditations with Sri Chinmoy I have learnt much about the true nature of disease and how we can better work with Mother Nature and the life force to assist healing.

This learning is an ongoing process, like life and evolution itself. Natural healing techniques involve listening through intuition and touch, assisting homeostasis and employing homeopathic techniques and remedies. I try to treat all my patients with kindness and respect and it is Divine love that heals them.

“What makes your approach so different from other Veterinarians?”

All Veterinarians work to improve animal health and quality of life to the best of our abilities. We are all well trained, caring animal health practitioners.

My experience had been that there were more questions unanswered and unanswerable as time went on and that animals were developing more complex and recurrent diseases of varying severity.

My approach is different because I now look further and deeper for answers to these problems and rely less upon conventional treatment options. I have rediscovered time honoured and effective healing
practices that give me considerable joy and satisfaction in my practice.

“What animals do you or can you treat with these techniques?”

I have more experience with cats and dogs. Dogs are especially receptive. Recently I have been working with horses who are also very responsive. It is possible to treat all species with these techniques. Their responses will vary according to their degree of receptivity and the duration and severity of their illness. Birds and exotic species are very delicate. Both the owners and the animals need to be ready for this type of assistance. It is not something to which many people can immediately relate but Natural healing practices can benefit the whole family.

“What is Homeopathy?”

Homeopathy is the art of prescribing natural remedies to assist healing. These natural remedies can be of mineral, plant or animal origin and contain the energy of these substances. This energy stimulates the healing response.

The body reacts to injury and disease by producing a variety of symptoms. Homeopathy recognises that these symptoms represent the animals attempt to heal itself and throw off the disease. Consequently, Homeopathy does not suppress these symptoms but the energised (potentised) remedies stimulate the natural healing processes to overcome the problem.

“Do you use vaccines or are there alternatives?”

Yes all cats and dogs receive one vaccine at 10-12 weeks of age but as a general rule I do not use vaccines in any animal after that. Whilst they have their place, it is a common misconception that vaccines are harmless. There are many circumstances where it is inadvisable to administer vaccines. In these cases homeopathic nosodes are a safe and effective alternative in the face of challenge and antibody titre testing clearly demonstrates that these animals are protected after initial vaccination.

“What are your views on Euthanasia for animals?”

I have discovered many things on Sri Chinmoy’s path and one important thing that has been reaffirmed for me is that animals should be given the opportunity and the right to decide for themselves when they need to depart the earth plane. As animal lovers we take on more responsibility than we need or should. Whilst it is true that our animals rely very heavily upon us for their survival and their lives have been extended as a result, I believe it is important to remember that they are also part of Creation and that they have their own connection to the Source. This is a sacred connection and one with which we have little right to interfere despite our very best intention.

Whilst fully supporting my clients’ right to choose, I provide processional grief counselling to facilitate a natural death for the animals in my care.