Integrative Veterinary Services

As an Integrative Veterinary Clinic, Paws to Heal offers many of the services that you expect from any Veterinary Clinic. These include puppy and kitten vaccinations from 10-12 weeks, titre testing, microchipping, heartworm testing, regular annual health examinations, dental examinations and minor dental procedures, emergency care, pathology services including blood and urine testing and a range of minor surgical and diagnostic procedures. Major surgery, hospitalisation and diagnostic imaging is provided by referral.

The following services are unique………

Bowen, Massage and Acupressure

For injuries of soft tissue and bone, post operative recovery and rehabilitation, nerve damage, some behavioural problems, lameness and disc problems including paresis and paralysis. Bowen Therapy; (An adaptation from the human work of Geelong’s own Tom Bowen) All patients at every consultation receive Bowen to promote relaxation and to facilitate communication. Also used as a healing tool in its own right for some cases of musculoskeletal disease and behavioural aberrations.

Healing Touch

One of the most effective means of communication between the animal and the therapist. Used for all cases at some stage to facilitate healing by dispelling bad energy and divining remedies. This technique mainly employs the art of Meditation and Concentration along with principles from Orthobionomy and Kinesiology.


Hahnemanns original practice applied to animals and useful in most cases of illness or injury. Used as an adjunct to all of the above when indicated. All species and all ailments can respond to homeopathy.

Nutritional adjustments

This is the foundation of Natural Health practices and forms a large part of the healing process. Good and appropriate diets are paramount for good health. Chewing raw meaty bones is absolutely essential to the health and wellbeing of carnivores. Paws to Heal uses the principles of Evolutionary Diets.

Behavioural re-development

Follows naturally from addressing most of the above but occasionally is an issue in itself. Most cases of unacceptable behaviour result from health imbalance or lack of training and acknowledgment of normal.

Processional Grief Counselling

It is best to begin this well prior to the end of the pet’s life. This is a process of regular open sessions for owners of animals in the last stages of their life. It employs many of the above modalities but focuses primarily on the interactions between the pet and the owner/family and the changes that are necessary to facilitate a comfortable natural end to life.

Educational Seminars in Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Prepared on a range of topics and to order.