What’s Love got to do with it?

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

Life used to be harsh brutish and short

Life is loud fast and disturbing

Life can be fruitful meaningful and satisfying if we hold on to the only thing that really matters, our ability to love.

This blog is to honour those who love us, our animals and those we love, our pets, family and community….because love is all we ever need but we have forgotten how it heals us all.

Love is simple

Love is everywhere

Love is the glue that holds our world together so if it feels like we are coming apart at the seams we need to harness and cultivate more love.

This may sound like a strange topic for a vet blog but I notice that I have not put a posting up for over a year and most of you are familiar with my eclectic style by now.

We also lost our own beloved pussy cat Nala a year ago and this reminds me that even in her last moments she was able to express her gratitude and love for us after her twenty something years of support to our family.

I have been trying to make sense of the overall events of the past few years in a virtual vacuum of information and common sense which really was never that common to begin. A dearth of understanding and support through communication upon which we used to rely that has been hi-jacked.  An active discouragement of any reflection or criticism of our actions and a failure to appreciate that we have been and still are to some extent at war with forces that have no interest in our wellbeing or survival. This poses many problems as well as opportunities for those with some knowledge or understanding to postulate bizzarre accounts of events and circumstances in the attempt to try to make sense of things that defy logic and elude exposure. This serves only to complicate an already ridiculous illusion of normality and make us feel even sicker regardless of where the grains of truth lay in any if any of the events or theories.

We are living in an era of such massive deception with so many tools available to perpetuate this that we have very little choice other than  to become selectively deaf. Furthermore all this serves to take us out of our heart space and into the mental world and love does not exist in the mind.

This confusion and mayhem is what our animals have been trying to protect and support us through and it is why they, like many of us, are struggling at some level or another despite a brave face. They do not have developed minds but they feel our suffering.

It is why I have been less available to them and to the people they live with because I have needed to sustain and reclaim my own energy after fighting for their right to live a healthy and natural life. The Health War despite what most are led to believe is not over and we are entering into an era of “Don’t mention the war” in the mistaken belief or misguided hope that it is over. To me the repeated  view that life on earth has always been the same battle since the dawn of time is valid to a point but is also a cop out for those who do not wish to do better and fail to see that the issues are escalating rather than abating.

This is a shocking indictment on the wasted time we have had to endure these past years as we wait to see if we can change our trajectory towards a healthier and happier community. A community that currently and overwhelmingly relies upon the virtual and intangible rather than the organic and living support that the natural world offers whether it be our pets, our gardens, our friends or our faith.

Looking for the positive I do not want to think that we have failed but the overarching sentiment is that there is no love in the health system under which we are presently suffering because not only have we have sacked many of the best health practitioners and numerous skilled workers in our community who stood up for our health rights but also the natural phenomena that govern life on earth. We are, enmasse, choosing to embrace the virtual harmful and meaningless interactions via technological devices that almost every human being on the planet now finds themselves attached in favour of embracing each other or our loved ones.

In essence there is no love in the mechanisms that we are forced to rely upon in a technologically driven and dependent world. As biological organic entities we are being subjected and subjugated by an unforgiving, unloving and unnatural overlord that cannot, nor ever will learn to love us.

Our nervous system is an electrical circuit and many of us are trying desperately to install safety switches so they we do not overload and burn out.

Our pets are safety switches. Our friends and Mother Nature are safety switches and all of these are being corrupted by a bombardment of unnatural electrical influence. Whales are beaching themselves, birds are flying into things in confusion, dogs are suffering anxiety, cats are eliminating in inappropriate places, people are suffering depression and anxiety and all of us are looking for distractions and some joy to remind us that life is good and hoping there is enough love to hold us here.

My job is to support the animals that support you.

In coming months I will have a new website. This will enable me to take what I can from the ignorance-night I have been describing and railing against to try and make myself more available to those seeking guidance towards better health for their pets. Whilst I plead guilty to hypocrisy in using these means it is probably the best I can offer at present given that there must be some good in all of these situations.

It is with this hope that we can find the positivity, that must exist in all situations for us to prevail, that I am going to offer this avenue of service.

Our animals do not have developed minds but they have nervous systems and instincts and the best way to support them is with kindness, consideration and nutrition that is optimal…real food, calmative food, healing food.

They have big hearts and that is what we must value now above all else…their unconditional love for us.

Survival hinges on simplicity and put simply love is the only thing that can remain incorruptible.

Love is all.

We just have to make this a conscious decision, a reality and a priority with a little help from each other.

Love increases
By visiting friends.
Love increases more
By helping friends.
Love increases most
By loving friends.

Sri Chinmoy, The Wings of Light, part 2, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1974

Portrait: Lycopodium

Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Lycopodium was prehistorically a very large tree on Earth. These days it is a very small ground cover moss that only stands tall for purposes of reproduction.

It is named for Lyc (wolf)  and podium (foot) as the moss resembles a wolf paw.

It is little wonder that following this description the medicine is used for the classic “small man” syndrome where one feels he ought to be bigger than he is and will bully those who are weaker than himself (or herself) although in females it can also manifest as low self -esteem. This medicine has been ‘diminished’ or ‘overlooked’.

The physical picture in humans with early greying of hair, the furrowed brow and spindly legs and weak stomach musculature are far less reliable indicators in the animal patient, so we look more to the mental picture and functional disturbances of digestion and liver function.

I have used this medicine for many cases over the years and perhaps the most memorable was a young Border Collie male with performance anxiety over his first mating experience. He was trying too hard and had performance anxiety, unable to attain the goal and I recommended a day off and a dose of Lycopodium200. The following week a proud owner reported success and joked that he would like some of that for his wife (little realising that the female equivalent in that application is more likely to be Sepia). Nine weeks later we had beautiful puppies.

As one of the three in the triad Calc/Lyc/Sulph, Lycopodium is also a Polychrest and will appear in a large number of rubrics when repertorising a case.

It is helpful therefore to memorise some keynotes of this medicine such as the 4-8pm time frame that is when symptoms seem to appear or be worse. Symptoms also classically start on the right side of the body and then move to the left in the course of disease.

We often speak of the Lycopodium German Shepherd given that this is a breed that is usually required to stand up and be the boss, be intelligent and confident and reliable when in fact the opposite is more often the case with poor choice of breeding stock, conformational disempowerment and inadequate socialisation.

The Lycopodium Shepherd is nervous, spindly, has poor digestion and acts like a bully in an unpredictable and inappropriate manner. We have all seen these dogs and Lycopodium can restore them to proper functioning and make them safer.

I realised early on in my homeopathy career that there are many similarities in the medicines and it can be hard to differentiate them. The system of kingdoms in homeopathy is often employed to help this differentiation.

These are mineral, vegetable/plant, or animal source. This led me to discover that many plants have high levels of certain minerals (as do we all) and why Lyc will often look similar to both Silica and Sulphur.  There is a lot of Silica in Lycopodium which can account for the lack or loss of confidence in both, but I’m pretty sure a Lycopodium dog is more likely to bite you whereas a Silica one never has in my personal experience. I may have met a Lycopodium cat today because I was considering using Silica and it bit me quite deliberately on the finger because it was telling me to leave it alone and I was not listening to it and it wanted its own way. This cat has lack of capacity and chronic constipation so Lyc may be a good choice given that there is an element of fear appearing as malice. One of the most difficult things in determining the simillimum (correct medicine) is accurately identifying the mental picture or motivation of the animal. This nasty grumpy cat that bit me has been taking NuxVom for constipation and they are angry. NitAc is very deliberately nasty and harbour grudges so we often have to rely on the other symptoms to select the most appropriate medicine.

I also find that Lyc looks often like Lachesis too and these can be used interchangeably if other symptoms fit well.

The main difference with Lach is that it is usually very confident….rarely lacking… and in hindsight it may be the arrogance that is common to both  which may in fact be more like Sulphur than Lyc. Both Lach and Sulph also tend also to run hot whereas Lyc is much less so and even chilly.

Without harping too much on the bully theme, it remains the main keynote for my prescription of Lycopodium. It also has affinity for the liver so it is a major remedy for digestive disturbances and constipation cases. As a first aid for constipation however I have found Nux vom in low potency to be more effective in most instances as both remedies have liver affinity.

I think I have been underutilising Lyc for dental/teeth pain, painful haemorrhoids and right sided sciatic pain but I try to find more symptoms in a case before prescribing a polychrest for a one-sided case. Also many symptoms are more difficult to define in animal patients. The sciatic pain is also Carduus Marianus (St Mary’s Thistle) which is another major liver remedy so it is easy to demonstrate the connectedness and comparative materia medica in these medicines as we explore the pharmacology and doctrine of signatures.

A keynote for  Lycopodium urinary cases is red sediment/sand in the urine and painful urination so in well selected cases it has been used for FLUTD

A Lycopodium cat can be a urine sprayer if there is struvite crystalluria or history of FLUTD or often Lach or Staphysagria if it is mostly attributable to mental/behavioural aetiology. These cats will often all spray or defecate in front of their owners to get the message across.

It is often interesting to try to feel what the case elicits in yourself as an owner or practitioner. The owner is going to be more connected and less objective but the practitioner may have a certain affinity or identity for particular medicines based on how they make you respond to them. Owners can often be the same medicine as their pets.

Personally I often find Pulsatilla annoying perhaps because of them being sooky and cuddly, am largely indifferent to Lycopodium, amused and quite fond of Silica, get absolutely nothing from the boring/bland Thuja, am very impressed by Lachesis and quite admiring of them. I am wary of young Arsenicum and feel sorry for the older and often feel very agitated by Phosphorus but they can also make me smile as they do so themselves. Nat mur will often make me feel sad but a Nat mur state can also make the animal very angry as consolation aggravates. I will cover all of these in other postings if I have not already linked them. I have also noticed that the further out of balance these animals are then the more extreme the feeling given off.

This of course says as much about me as it does about the medicines themselves but over time we can learn to determine our individual characteristic responses that can help to differentiate our individual keys to remedy selection.  It by no means reflects my overall opinion of the animal, it is merely another clue to remedy selection.

Without a doubt my regular practice of meditation assists me to ‘receive’ these cases as it hinges upon openly listening to the animal.

They are always glad to have someone who can hear them and sometimes they are very surprised when they discover you can.

Portraits: Sulphur

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Sulphur can be selected for a lot of cases based on the fact that it appears in most rubrics for most ailments. Whether it is the best fit or simillimum however is always debatable.

It is a major polychrest and a predominant medicine and element in all biological systems. It is the basis of many proteins and hormones and is the element that makes the kink in hair. It is brimstone and rotten egg gas and forms compounds with most metals on earth.

I am sure that I have underutilised this important medicine in my practice as I have considered it to be the ‘cortisone’ of homeopathic practice, that is, it fixes (or suppresses) everything. This has led me to miss applications where it may have been curative and I am still learning how best to apply sulphur in my patients.

I do use it as an intercurrent remedy in low potency to stimulate the reaction of other medicines. Also to open difficult cases where it is well selected on the basis of “hot, itchy, smelly”, usually skin cases.

It is in fact a major Psoric remedy and since we are taught that Psora is the basis of all disease it is little wonder that Sulphur appears so often in the list of medicines in many, many rubrics. And why it is often difficult to determine if it is the best choice.

Over time I have learned to better identify the constitutional type in animals, especially horses and dogs….not sure it exists in cats as they are fastidiously clean in general.

Sulphur is comfortable being scruffy or dirty and will seek out mud and smelly things to roll in and then think they look and smell wonderful. They are often prone to parasites, fleas and worms and these may or may not worry them. They are usually very likeable animals but can be haughty or arrogant…egocentric.

Sulphur people/owners may appear well groomed and neat but have odd fashion sense with quirky mismatch of colour or clothing.

Interestingly, one of the themes of sulphur is a feeling of being scorned but I have not felt this particularly with my animal cases. They do like to be the centre of attention and will try to attract affection or make you smile and perhaps we do not see many dogs that are scorned by their owners or others these days.

Sulphur is the chronic for Aconite and I have used it successfully where the Aconite (feeling of extreme fear of death) has subsided and other symptoms fit the case well.

I had a horse that was not responding to ‘big gun’ antibiotics for ‘mud fever’ resulting in marked lymhpangiectasia of the right lower hind in particular and severe mental depression with apathy. The overwhelming feeling in this case was one of fear that the horse would die. It was a much loved companion of a teenage girl and the family really thought they were going to lose their horse. Given that the Aconite feeling was so strong and yet now over a week old, I prescribed Sulphur since other signs fitted very well.  This horse responded instantly to a dose of sulphur and went on to full recovery over the next month.

I use Sulphur now to treat side effects of cortisone and to wean them off this drug as it is an excellent clearing medicine and can open the case to a more readily discernible picture.

If I am stuck in a case that it not progressing, I will sometimes give a few doses of Sulphur (6C) to kick it along or stimulate response to the main remedy. I remember my first case of Sulphur very well as I was excited about the dramatic response it created in a demodectic Doberman that no one could fix. As a new homeopath the experience required to discern the second prescription is often lacking and I needed advice about how to proceed. These days I know more about the medicines and would look for the triad possibilities of CalcCarb or Lycopodium and also would know better how to retake the case.


The main thing to remember however is that any positive response to a homeopathic medicine indicates the correct medicine and if it stops working then a new picture must be identified.

Another important factor with Sulphur as mentioned, is that it belongs to a classic triad of medicines.

CalcCarb, Lycopodium, Sulphur and the general ‘rule’ is that each follows the other in this order but not out of order. For example Lyc follows Calc but not Sulphur. Then Calc can follow Sulph. Animals of these types can also cycle around being in each of these states where the picture of one of these medicines predominates and then the next may or may not appear over time. Lycopodium (which I do use a lot) will be covered in the next posting. It is often referred as the ‘vegetable’ sulphur as it has many similarities.

From my own experience with Sulphur I would encourage others to employ it on the above indications but would caution not to overuse it in higher potency in the hot climate we have in Australia unless it is the perfect match for the animal. I have seen a few Sulphur types and have used it in 200C but most often I use 6C or LM potency. Sulphur salts of other minerals like Kali, Natrum and the Lanthanides are also generally prescribed on the keynotes of Sulphur to discern them from other salts in these compounds.

Hot, smelly, red, scruffy, itchy, funny, likeable, lazy, odd, good sense of self but can be gruff.

Not better for bathing and they often don’t like it much either.


A Triumph and a Tribute

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

This week the peak body for Australian Veterinarians awarded me a meritorious service award for the years I spent promoting the benefits of retaining natural and complementary medical practices under the umbrella of professional veterinary services.

My dedication to the Integrative Veterinarians arises from my passion for homeopathy in particular and advocating for more Veterinarians to have knowledge and understanding of this system of medicine to mitigate many of the threats arising from antibiotic resistance, increasing rates of cancer and autoimmune diseases amidst a poor understanding of the role of food as medicine.

This post is not to ‘toot my trumpet’ but rather to celebrate all those who persevere in promoting systems of medicine against the tide of fashion and the forces of authoritarian governance.  I am reluctant to take personal credit for this award even though I am honoured to accept it as a tribute to all of us who continue to strive for excellence, integrity and greater choice over the medicines we employ to treat our patients.

I consider this award to be a tribute to all of us who continue to advocate for homeopathy on the healthcare landscape as many of us work to uphold the highest standards of healthcare.

IVA Meritorious Service Award 2022 recipient Dr Saranyu Pearson BVSc(Hons) 1987, VetMFHom(UK) 2015.

The dissertation outlining the award is as follows;

Paws to Heal has expanded and flourished over the last seventeen years to provide assistance and education to thousands of people seeking advice on animal health across the globe. Dr Pearson has also authored numerous articles published in general interest magazines and conducted animal health workshops for the public.

Positions held during office

President 2012-2016

Editor of Chiron from 2011, producing thirteen editions of this journal.

Inaugural President of Integrative Veterinarians Australia.

IVA life

Founding member of holistic veterinary group formed as IVA in 2011, member of VERA (Veterinarians in Education Research and Academia) from 2012 advocating to provide extended education to Veterinary Schools in Australia.


Notable Accomplishments

First President of the newly formed IVA. Prior to that, the IVA was under a different name of Australian Holistic Vets. Dr Pearson is an advocate for the importance of complementary therapies in veterinary practice through education and promotion in Veterinary Schools in Australia.

Dr Saranyu Pearson has authored many scientific articles, posters and submissions to AVA conferences and advocated via the AVA executive for recognition of complementary therapies.

These publications highlighted case studies and the practical application of therapies for the benefit of veterinarians who were using complementary therapies as part of their practice.

During the years between 2011-2017, there was active opposition to IVA being supported as a Special Interest Group (SIG) due to objection to homeopathy. This opposition culminated in the ineffective therapies statement endorsed by the AVA Board in 2012.

Dr Pearson led the IVA in representations to the executive and the Board of AVA during this time, arguing the merits of a range of complementary therapies, in particular homeopathy.

In 2013, Dr Pearson provided advice to the Guild Insurance Group, informing the rules for insurance of integrative veterinarians. A finding noted from this exercise was the low level of claims lodged in this category of veterinary practice.

The mental health theme introduced under Dr Pearson’s leadership in 2014 was immediately embraced by AVA members and is now a pillar of the current AVA support service to members with the flagship THRIVE program launched in 2022.

Dr Pearson presented the first meditation session at an AVA conference in 2015 at the Brisbane Pan Pacific AVA Conference.

These sessions are now part of the annual AVA conference program.

Integrative medicine in Australia owes much to the dedicated effort of Dr Pearson during the difficult, formative years of the IVA SIG. Dr Pearson is a passionate and dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine. The public as well as veterinarians benefit from the willingness to share knowledge about animal health and welfare through educative opportunities initiated and supported by Dr Pearson.

Battle Fatigue

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

One of the most inspiring qualities I see repeated in my animal patients is their endless patience and devotion to the human being under whose custody they live. If you come to think about it, it is the reason we love them and value them because they are a constant in our otherwise unpredictable lives.

Whilst many of us are suffering fatigue from the battlefield of life these indomitable creatures keep getting up every day with a smile on their faces and a spring in their step as they live in the moment and look enthusiastically towards a new day.

This must be one of the many virtues of a mindless existence. The best we can do ourselves as the dominant species is to find enough time in our day to practice mindfulness to quieten our own minds and fuel our enthusiasm to see the day in a similar way; one full of newness and potential.

I have been fortunate to discover what makes me happy and even more fortunate to not have it taken away from me past the initial months of our recent period of global insanity.

What we all need whether we have fur or bare skin is an acknowledgement of our service and our importance in the big game of life.  Our animal companions manage to be happy with very little of this and that is truly an admirable quality….a pat or a treat and a kind word can go a long way.

This weekend I have been notified about my receiving a meritorious service award from the Australian Veterinary Association for services to the Integrative special interest group in advocating for our right to practice homeopathy and natural medicine. This is an unexpected honour that I gratefully accept on behalf of all the vets and doctors who choose to pursue a higher awareness of the mechanisms of health restoration and maintenance. This approach does not rely upon nor unthinkingly subscribe to the dictates of governance but rather upholds the integrity of the health provider to decide what is best for their patients.

Now it is apparent that our efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Just as all those who have contributed to bring us to where we are now, we also have an opportunity to contribute our applied knowledge and efforts for the benefit of those who will follow.

No one is indispensable but everyone is invaluable and unique in the role they play.

It is our combined efforts towards the common goal of improved health and wellbeing that will enable us to overcome our battle fatigue, recharge our batteries and forge ahead for the common good. We are fuelled by hope and encouragement from each other.

Better Communications

Saturday, July 9th, 2022

Animals communicate with each other and us through a range of wondrous mechanisms of which many of us are aware. I have written about these abilities in other blogs.

What we may not realise however is that the entire natural world we inhabit and mostly take for granted is also communicating with all living things on Earth through the fungal hyphal network that permeates the subsurface of the entire rock on which we live. The fungal communication highway enables our planet to stay healthy and helps it to repair.

  This system is under constant threat by the damage we create. Our flagrant lack of acknowledgment of the assistance nature is providing combined with the ongoing damage we inflict as pollution and destruction is making us sicker with each passing week because we are a part of this natural world and it is getting harder to hold it in health.

Natural and intuitive mechanisms of communication are being actively obfuscated to our detriment by a bombardment of unnatural origin.

The natural biological network of living things on Earth monitors and helps the health of the planet in ways we are yet to discover through a deeper appreciation of biorhythm and quantum. In contrast, human endeavour is currently destroying or compromising it with emf and wifi with frequencies that are above our biological capacity to tolerate and endure.

Everybody is well aware of the technological advancements in telecommunications that have connected nations and dare I say, assaulted our senses for two decades or more but very few apart from indigenous and natural cultures appreciate that we have had a miraculous, naturally occurring global network long before we launched the satellites.

 Of course, as humans, we have limited access to the benefits of this fungal exchange in most ways except as food because we have become disconnected from them and most other plant life at a fundamental subconscious level. Our animal companions in contrast are still aware that this information exchange exists and are still in tune with it despite their removal from the wild. They tune in to the rhythm of Mother Nature and they try to filter and block the barrage of confusion from the artificial world.

 As our helpmates they are trying to impart these messages and warnings to us through their behaviour and other symptoms if we learn how to interpret them.

Since the dawn of time our animals have been evolving alongside us to provide comfort, assistance, protection and as pets, unconditional love and joy. On the whole we are getting better at listening to and appreciating their efforts but the plants and soil are being seriously undervalued for the life affirming qualities they supply. 




It is not a coincidence that the minerals themselves used for technology come from the natural world such is the beneficence of Mother Nature’s offerings but even these gifts are being superceded by the arrogance of science and artificial substances that have no place in natural systems.

It is perhaps not a coincidence also that the fungi are decomposers and utilise various substrates as energy to breakdown organic material and form new soil and produce fruit.

In a breakdown of the world currently as we know it this parallel does not escape notice but I wonder what may be the value of the ‘fruit’ these technologies produce.

On the one hand we have nature battling to keep us well and on the other we have a burgeoning overreliance on artificial intelligence denying its role in making us sick; plant, animal and human alike. As mentioned, the animals are aware of this, we largely are not.

The numbers of enquiries I have had from concerned animal owners over these past months in particular, regarding the side effects of these more recent abuses and interferences to health have been overwhelming even though many of them are yet to realise why their animals’ health is deranged.

Many of us have noticed the increase in mushroom and fungus, yeast and mould growth over recent months. This is natures attempt to restore an imbalance created by these interferences and the ensuing toxic overload or dysbiosis.  Plants will monitor and respond to the needs of the life forms on Earth by growing what is needed in areas it is needed. Fungi and algae and moulds restore ecological balance to soil and as previously mentioned, create the communication network for the natural world to remain vigilant and responsive to threats of all kinds. All things need rainwater to grow and water itself is also a guardian of health for all living things. In this way the soil and plants are a macroscopic view of our own inner workings through our intestinal biome which, on a more local level, also breaks down waste material and communicates with our whole body.

On this much smaller scale, the candida and malasezzia yeasts that plaque human and animal health as recurrent bouts of thrush, otitis, itchy feet and other symptoms are often caused both by a disturbance to immune function plus the presence of mercury and other toxic substances in or surrounding the body in much the same way that oil spills and industrial waste damage soil and water habitats.  Once we acknowledge that these fungal blooms are natures attempt to restore health by removing dangerous substances we can begin to appreciate what we have available to help us at a naturopathic level….in these examples specifically chlorella, amongst other fungal immune balancing homeopathic or herbal medicines plus good water to drink in larger quantities than most of us realise is necessary.

Since my phosphorus blog I have been pondering why this picture is currently so prevalent. Whilst I still hold to my ‘spike’ theory  I am coming to understand more and more that it is bigger than that.  The following discovery also goes some way to explaining my unsettlement given there appears that there is little protection afforded against energetic attack other than an even deeper faith that humanity will prevail and start returning goodwill and authority to Mother Nature and to the natural world.

The picture of Phosphorus is radiation damage…….adding hair loss and immune compromise to the previous portrait, it is little wonder we are all finding it difficult to stay well.

There have always been those amongst us who can hear these messages and a larger group of people that find it hard to filter them into meaningful or helpful information without the medical training that most of those with it have under-utilised. This awareness is also the clairvoyance (clear seeing) of Phosphorus but I suspect the brain fog many are experiencing is electrical or chemical disturbance to microcirculation from unnatural sources.

The obfuscation of the truths behind our most recent global health crisis must surely come to light over time. Time to adjust to the reality of our predicament being born of our ignorance and naivety. Time to ponder the over reliance we place on our leaders to be people of integrity and wisdom. Time to recover from the fact that, on large, they are neither.

Coughing, loss of voice, tickly chest is all loss of ability to speak out. The inner scream that many do not recognise as such. An inability to get things off your chest…to communicate….to form community. At a subconscious level we know this is true but it must be brought to the surface before we can acknowledge it and accept a remedy. Even our dogs have had more ‘kennel cough’ in recent months such is their identification with us.

Still in the early days of this new millennium with the attendant challenges and excitement it inevitably brings, we, as a species have taken the world hostage. Humankind is incredibly young and careless; oblivious to the wonderful legacy we could relish if we did not continue to ignore the warnings of our short, rough history and heed the compassion and wisdom of the Mother Earth.

We are in a war on natural health and on the natural world in all terms and unless and until we find our collective voice and amend our trajectory, we may be headed for further or greater disasters than we have hitherto seen. To stay positive is difficult but of paramount importance.

Our animals are aware of this and doing their best to help. They inspire us and make us laugh to generate the best medicine of all.

Whilst our fellow animals do not pray and meditate, they rely on the fact that we must….even if only to keep us centred in our heart and connected to our Source so that we will know and act better.



We must grow into the fulfilment of our promise.

How to improve your pet’s diet

Saturday, March 5th, 2022

People often ask how they can improve the quality of their pets’ diet whilst enjoying the convenience of commercially prepared diets. This blog is to encourage and support those looking for a starting point for ideas to make the daily practice of feeding your pets a more satisfying task if you are unable to adopt the optimum regimen for any reason.

Without having to understand complex terminology and physiology I encourage all my clients to trust their instincts when providing food to their pets and also to suggest that even the simplest of additions of occasional real foods can greatly enhance the quality of diets and provide some health benefit. It is much easier to get animals to eat real foods if you start them young of course so be patient with older pets and start with items you already have at home so as not to waste precious time, money or food.

Food is medicine and it is not complicated.

Many of us get worried about the properly balanced diet without realising that most things being sold to us with this claim are really not well balanced at all but generally sufficient to keep animals alive but not to thrive.

 I want all animals to eat better so here are some simple tips.

If you AVOID cooked bones, cooked fat, onions, sugar and chocolate you can feed your cat or dog any food that you have left over ….even if it is cooked.

This is how these animals co-existed with us for centuries…..of course raw foods are better for them but our leftovers are often better than anything in a package or a tin. You can get around this by keeping the off cut trimmings from any meat you are preparing and give them that before you cook your dinner/BBQ.  Raw fat is best for them never cooked fats if you can avoid that. There are many people scared of pancreatitis reoccurrences in dogs but do not be worried about raw fat….it is an essential component of the dog/cat diet.

Fat is the only essentially raw ingredient that cannot be compromised and if you are not using it then you need to have a carbohydrate substitute for growing/active/younger dogs.

Of course, ALL commercial pet foods, kibbles, tins have carbohydrate so you never need to add any carbohydrate even though the odd piece of vegemite toast, ice cream  or pizza crust can be overlooked now and then.

There is an alarming and ridiculously lengthy list of things that are apparently not safe to feed cats and dogs but in my professional opinion most of these result from chemical adulterations with sprays and chemicals (that are making us all sick!).

The latest in a long list are grapes/raisins and whilst the mechanism of renal failure in dogs with these fruits is still unidentified, I posit that organic/chemical free fruits are all safe. You can’t be sure how clean they are unless you grow your own or get certified organic produce which can ironically be cheaper these days owing to supply/transport issues.


If in doubt..leave it out.


Personally, I don’t recommend the nightshades but there is no reason dogs and cats should not eat tomato, potato and eggplant if they are inclined. In fact the lycopene in tomato is a very good eye nutrient and tinned mackerel in tomato sauce is a good food for dogs for cataract prevention/treatment and cats as an occasional treat.

If the berries from the ubiquitous potato bush are very ripe and fall off into your hand they are an inexpensive and good option for a host of beneficial nutrients.  I was naturally wary of these black berries as they do resemble the deadly nightshades and we must sure to differentiate them. Deadly nightshade is not grown in Australian gardens which is a huge relief and for those unsure of the difference there is a nice explanation here.   I also recommend cooking potato/sweet potato to help make it more digestible.


The list of what you can add to your pets regular food whether you choose kibble or any other base is quite extensive and will be listed here for anyone looking to improve health in their pets. Choose anything from any category and I will also indicate for specific problems what may be best.


I cannot overemphasise the importance of a healthy gut biome so occasional additions of anything from the bottom of this list will be highly recommended in all dog and cat diets.

They only need very small amounts infrequently but if they ask for more, give extra.

You do not ever need to supplement cats and dogs with carbohydrates, cooked fats or sugar. In fact these things will cause digestive upsets. Any fruit/vege that you eat yourself is fine to give them as treats or supplements.

Pulp from your own juices or smoothies is an excellent addition to their food bowl with or without yoghurt (plain). They can also be frozen as ice treats in hot weather.


In order of quantity required the foods are listed here for both cats and dogs alike. For the purposes of augmenting an existing base diet you may already have for your pet simply pick an item from this long list and offer it to the animal. I do think it is best to keep raw items separate from cooked ones so feed them in separate meals whenever possible to minimise digestive workload.


Raw meaty appropriate bones (no marrow or large leg bones) and bone must be less than 20% of the portion (10-20%)……….’trophy chew’ raw knuckle bones are toys and not food but excellent distractions for teething puppies. Large/adult dogs do well with MEATY portions with some bone from the body of the prey, necks, wings, ribs, brisket for dental hygiene and brain health.

Extra MEAT of any kind including duck/chicken feet, fat, gristle etc. Not bacon/ham/processed meats as they are not raw and also contain too many additives…tiny bits will not hurt usually but will aggravate sensitive gut/skin.


OFFAL….kidney/liver/heart…for minerals and essential fatty acids.. very small portions or air/freeze dried good.


If you are feeding any commercial diet (cooked or raw) then all of the things above are already provided in some form however the following ingredients are hardly ever provided in sufficient amounts to be of any help even when they are advertised as ingredients in premium or holistic pet kibble. Bones cannot ever be given unless they are raw so other calcium sources are used in these packaged foods to compensate.


Raw vegetable pulp, vitamised greens or other fruits/vege…..especially important for phytochemicals and antioxidants in any animal with inflammation….dermatitis/skin problems, gastritis/colitis/gut problems, cancer or arthritis…all need antioxidants.

Old dogs especially need more veg material and cancer patients do well with berries.

Tomato for eye health, beetroot for kidney/bladder problems, turmeric for any inflammation, quercetin in dark berries and apples because onion is problematic /toxic in dogs.

Garlic is good. Leafy Greens blended as a green smoothie does wonders for any dog/cat.

Cats are more fussy but will take some of these things especially cooked pumpkin.

Cooked vege is also better than none at all but dogs and cats do not need grains or rice unless they have extra energy demands or are not getting enough raw fat in their diet ie; any young to mid aged animal that eats cooked diets will probably need some carbs unless you are giving raw meaty bones treats quite often.

Culinary herbs and edible weeds like nettles/dandelion are also excellent nutrient boosts to put into vitamised greens or food bowls…..dogs and cats will graze these things themselves too.

You can make these green smoothies into ice blocks and add to meals every now and then or as treats on hot days.

You can use any frozen vege as training treats for dogs if you start them young enough or they are food motivated and you can feel good about offering healthy inexpensive treats.


Omega 3 fatty acids/Fish Oil…….can be added to any pet food once or twice a week

Fatty fish like mackerel or tinned sardines or your own fish oil capsules are all OK for cats and dogs. Unflavoured fish oil is best 500g for each 5kg. Fish oil capsules can also be used as training treats for dogs.


Prebiotic….the substrate for a healthy gut biome…..supports the probiotics

Prebiotics are soluble fibre like oat bran, chia seed and other seed meals, flax meal, coconut crunch etc   A tablespoon of soaked chia seed once a week or two will keep dogs anal glands healthy by bulking the stool. Many kibble fed dogs have unformed or soft stool so increase these soluble fibres….psyllium husk is also a popular choice and fibrous vege pulp is also good.


Small quantities of sprouted grains or grass, wheatgrass, spirulina, barley grass powders.

If your pet has yeast infections in ears/paws/anus then chlorella tablets or powder should be added 500g for every 5kg for a few weeks as this will clear Malassezia/yeast.


Fermented foods like miso, sauerkraut, kimchi, apple cider vinegar keeps the gut healthy…don’t give large quantities unless they are used to them..a very little is sufficient.


Raw egg with shell, cottage cheese or yoghurt


Digestive enzyme/green tripe can protect from pancreatitis


Cats can have anything mentioned above but are notoriously fussy and you may find it is easier to just offer them a raw or very lightly cooked chicken wing, drumette, some offal, tinned or fresh fish , yoghurt, raw egg, cottage cheese as adjunct nutrients to enhance the quality of any other foods they are receiving. They will often drink leftover soups or broths or gravy.. not with cooked fat. Cats can be lactose intolerant so do not give them dairy if it causes loose stool.

Plain yoghurt is usually Ok however and quite beneficial to health and vitality.

As unpleasant as it may sound….fresh caught mice are manna from heaven for the average feline so if you are having mouse problems please do not use poisons but invest in some Australian made humane traps that have quick kill capacity and your cat will be ecstatic if it is not overfed already.

The main thing to remember is that real fresh food, cooked or raw is always better than packaged foods and anything at all that you add however infrequently will improve the quality of the diet of your pet. Get used to giving them small treats of real foods and soon they will be showing improvement in health/coat/eyes/allergies/arthritis symptoms.


If you do decide to pursue raw feeding options fortunately there are now more and more good local suppliers that home deliver ready prepared, taking the hard work out of the task for you….look at Raw and Fresh prepared packs or Barking Good or BM foods to name a few.


Your pets will thank you for any special effort you make by being happier and healthier and this will have a flow on effect to the rest of the family. The main thing to remember is that any addition of real fresh food is helpful to any diet and the exceptions are very few.









Portraits: Phosphorous

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

Phosphorous as an element is one of the big five in life sciences.

One of the most prevalent elements in all living organism as a basis for RNA, DNA and most biochemical pathways in all living things. Carbon, Phosphorous, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Phosphorous is also a nerve poison, used in chemical warfare and insecticides, fertilizers and food additives.

As a homeopathic medicine it can be used to treat any condition that involves inflammation of the nerves, mucous membranes (gut and lung especially) and for any bleeding problem.

It also creates a feeling of being ungrounded, sensing something is not right, strange fears or excessive nervousness. It is clairvoyant, gentle but can bite if provoked, generally warmer than silica but can be confused with it as they are both leading Tubercular medicines.

Interesting here is that silica is the technocracy that is driving the world presently.

We have phosphorous in the living tissues and silica in the artificial intelligence that drives them as we seem to be overly encouraging in this increasingly disturbing, dystopian world.


Tubercular, trapped, inability to speak up or speak out.


Phosphorous is also right sided in the upper body (head and lungs) and that is the ‘male’ side of defence/attack….Mars is the red planet, God of War and also an ‘Agricultural Guardian’ in Roman mythology. This is ironic given that the injudicious application of superphosphate has largely destroyed our agricultural landscape in Australia.

In the recent lockdown era it is pertinent to advise that the ‘couch potato’, junk food eaters have been overly consuming phosphates in the carbonated drinks and processed snacks that have sustained us in a less than a healthy way. This may contribute to my observations that this health disaster we are calling a pandemic and the phosphorous picture I am seeing in affected animals could be influenced by other phosphate bombardments to the environment. Regardless, my view on spike protein remains, (see previous post) because the phosphates in the foods are bound and need to be consumed whereas something is raising free phosphorous in the environment at present in periodic bursts that is affecting animals.


As a polychrest, phosphorous has its own unique picture like others I have presented.

This means that apart from being used to treat the diseases mentioned above it can also be helpful in certain individuals to help raise their vital response or energy levels.

They are naturally high energy animals and if they are severely lacking or showing ill effects of protracted longterm or debilitating disease we can consider using PhosAc….the acid of phosphorous. PhosAc is helpful for spey incontinence in bitches for this lack of sufficient energy to hold them in health.


The salts are also worthy of mentions for specific affinities, NatPhos for stomach issues, KaliPhos for nervous problems, FerrPhos for blood conditions and CalcPhos for bone and musculoskeletal development.


The true phosphorous animals could be generalised as having red coats/fur but not necessarily. They are almost universally outgoing and attention seeking/friendly and will escape to seek affection elsewhere if not provided at home. They are often fearful of thunderstorms and will sense the approach and can also sense when owners are coming home or certain people are about to visit. They often have bursts of excitement or energy at dusk/ twilight and can be excessively over exuberant…think red Staffies that can’t sit still and freak out in thunderstorms. They tend to be very thirsty for large quantities of water and often very hungry as well. Phosphorous is also genuinely sympathetic and likes to be patted or stroked.


Phosphorous animals are often lanky and lean and if they are fast growing and if they have more extreme fears they are often CalcPhos or other salts like KaliPhos.  There is phosphorous in snake venom which affects coagulation and the medicines need to be differentiated.

The most memorable Phos case was my first experience with the medicine.

It was a case of immune mediated thrombocytopaenia which causes low platelet count and a tendency to bleed. I was a new homeopath and took a gamble that of the three main bleeding medicines, Phos felt like the right one and it was…..cured in 3 days with no relapse.

Since then I have used it very often for storm fears, inflammatory bowel syndrome, colitis and most recently for spike toxicity.

I post these blogs only to inspire people to see that there are effective natural medicines for all diseases if you can find a practitioner with the passion and experience required to manage them properly. Also to try and illustrate the beauty and complexity of the natural world and how we can immerse ourselves in the glory that we have at our disposal if only we can take the time and interest to appreciate and harness this amazing gift.


Homeopathy must prevail as a system of medicine for the benefit of the entire humanity and animal kingdom.


We  must all be advocates for nature as the world moves further and further away from following her wisdom and guidance.




Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

There are countless definitions of this term both as a noun and a verb, as well as being a popular dog’s name and nickname for boys, my little brother included.

However, since 2021 this term has been hijacked to be used for one thing only.

There are numerous anecdotal and repeated reports in the human world of side effects from coronavirus injections that largely are ignored by the profession that pushes them as the only solution to the problem.

This has led countless thousands of unwell people to seek the help of naturopathic health practitioners to help them with what the medical profession terms ‘psychosomatic disease’ or ignores entirely, or worse, tells the patient directly there is nothing they can do to help.

Most of these people may not even yet be aware of what is making them unwell with conditions they have never had before. Moreover, the people and animals that they live with and share their space with are also being made sick.

There are two basic mechanisms operating

Both the virus and the vaccination create vasculitis (microclots/bleeding)

In addition, the mRNA vaccination produces spike protein (cytotoxin)

The difference is that with vaccination the body is being instructed to manufacture the spike protein with no off switch whereas with natural infection the body has an individualised approach to healing itself with no mixed messages. Most people naturally infected can even be largely unaffected, whereas with vaccine uptake the body has no choice to heal itself and we must hope the effects will wear off over time or be mitigated with natural medicines. In either case there is a definite odd feeling in both circumstances and it is widely acknowledged that vaccination does not protect from infection for coronavirus.


From what we have been able to observe the extrusion of manufactured spike protein in coronavirus vaccinated human beings is rampant for up to 3 weeks and maybe longer after each ‘jab’. With many Victorians now taking up the 3rd wave of injections we have another looming environmental hazard to navigate…..and this is never ever reported in the ‘News’.


This made headlines though…… plus the News broadcasts of the day throughout Melbourne throwing pet owners into a frenzy last year.


2nd July 2021 Daily Mail Australia

Horror virus hits more than 100 dogs in one of Australia’s biggest cities – leaving some pets hooked up to IV drips for days

  • Dog gastroenteritis is being spread through an inner-east Melbourne park
  • Over 100 dogs have caught the virus after visiting Citizen’s park in Richmond
  • Dogs who visited the park from June 11 have been contracting the disease
  • Older pets are particularly vulnerable, with some being put on intravenous drips



…..because few others than integrative veterinarians would recognise this for what it most likely really is…..spike sickness.


Coronavirus vaccine rollout started in Victoria in February, reached peak uptake May 2021 before similar rise in Aug/Sept same year.

This May rush to get jabbed would potentially have been a major contributor to the extrusion of spike protein by those being injected.

These dogs would all have been subjected to massive environmental contamination of spike protein extruded by their owners and other vaccinated inner city inhabitants who, at that time, COULD ONLY WALK DOGS as were locked up the rest of the time. So they ALL went to the dog park.


Notably, no ‘virus’ or infectious agent was ever isolated or identified from this ‘outbreak’ in dogs and no further reports of this ‘horror virus’ were made anywhere including reputable veterinary publications…..anywhere.

In fact, when a new bio threat surfaces veterinarians are the first to be notified and that never happened…..we heard nothing more about this but those of us who look out for patterns started seeing similar bizarre cases of small animal disease that had no formal diagnosis.


Here are some that I was personally made aware of, or that I treated myself once I realised what was happening.


My own personal experience was in March 2021 when I was violently ill for only the second time in my whole adult life. The first time was upon returning from China in 2004, 24-48 hrs of fever, severe lethargy and vomiting…..likely a virus ( likely SARSCov1) and the most sick I had been to date.

This time, March 2021, no virus or infection. I experienced sudden onset nausea building over 24 hrs to extreme vomiting that lasted another 24 hours and no other gastro signs at all. The lack of usual symptoms was curious until I now realise what I was likely experiencing….a toxic assault. In fact this is still the main symptom I feel when I am around people who have been jabbed with mRNA, the code for cytotoxic spike protein. I have been feeling generally ‘sick’ for over a year but no severe reoccurrences now that I know what is happening and avoid contact as much as possible.

The little animals are not so lucky given that they are patted, cuddled and have little to no escape from their people. Some of them from ‘clean’ households are still getting affected by neighbours, friends, family and the general environment because they are super sniffers and will pick up everything and crave attention from anyone. There is of course also an energetic component to this horrendous agent.


October 2021… call from a good client that has a clean household to say that her little Jack Russell Terrier was vomiting blood….that’s alarming for anyone, even the most sensible of clients. Upon further enquiry the little dog was not seeming unwell in herself (These things leave you feeling “odd” but not really unwell in the usual regards, which is the clue to the real cause.)  She had, however, been sitting on the lap of a recently double jabbed friend…..remedy Phos30 few doses, fine in a few hours.

I will talk about Phos in my next blog because this is a PHOSPHOROUS condition universally in homeopathic terms and fortunately we have this medicine available to treat both the disease and the vaccination side effects.


Christmas time……18month old French Bulldog (multiple jabbed household so overwhelming amount of spike) rushed to emergency because he could suddenly not use his back legs at all…..alarming again, hence visit to emergency. The vet could find absolutely nothing wrong except that the back legs would not work….Phos again but not given because I only found out about this later and the dog had recovered under its own steam.  This is also highly suggestive of the spike sickness as it is transient…….unless the animals are compromised in other ways with age or infirmity.

One that is not so lucky to recover without help because it is much younger and a lot more susceptible as a consequence……twelve week old puppy with sudden fulminant and severe pneumonia with no known cause…life threatening.  Vets recommend euthanasia as no treatment other than protracted and repeated antibiotic therapy with variable response and guarded prognosis…..Phos again.


So the themes here are

  • Sudden overwhelming feeling of nausea with or without vomiting
  • Sudden onset nervous signs, weakness, paralysis without pain usually
  • Sudden onset of bleeding
  • Sudden onset breathing difficulties/chest pain
  • A feeling of oddness or being unsettled
  • Often resolves spontaneously as quickly as it appeared unlike ANY known disease


Gut, nerve, brain and blood vessels…..Phosphorous… see next blog for a portrait.


I have not researched the components of the spike protein but I could bet there is quite a bit of phosphorous based on my own observations and understanding of this both as a homeopathic medicine and an essential element in many biochemical pathways in nature.


This unnatural virus creates unnatural disease and we are still working out how to support those affected. The so called vaccine is also unnatural and the ramifications of this approach will become apparent over time but is more prevalent and insidious than the virus itself. It is also interesting to note that the main target of the spike in vaccinated humans is the heart and the main target in non vaccinated ones is the gut.

Personal observation is that the brain/nerves is also affected in both cases.


I am not posting these blogs to add fuel to a contentious fire but rather because this massive experiment we are all being subjected to demands of us honest and truthful reporting of our observations and measurement of outcomes.

As health practitioners we have a duty of care to report adverse events.

My role here as a veterinarian is to report what I am treating in my animal patients.


The definition of SCIENCE is “observing and measuring” and anything else that is being sold is elaborate distraction.



Science says to Nature:

“To me, you are utterly useless!”

Nature says to Science:

“To me, you are deplorably harmful!”


Science is always in a hurry.

Nature has Eternity

At her disposal.


Science is the mind’s

Glorification and gratification.

Nature is the heart’s

Affection and satisfaction.


Sri Chinmoy



Take heart that if we first strive to make ourselves well, then the world will be well too.





The Spiritual Life

Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Many people are drawn to my clinic purely on the basis that I take a spiritual perspective to life and also because I have been practising veterinary medicine for over thirty years.

Both of these attributes inform my approach to the practice of veterinary medicine.

My professional veterinary life is wholly focussed on helping animal owners to obtain the knowledge and skills to keep their own animals well once we have ascertained how to recover their health.

It is not possible to practice optimally in holistic medicine without acknowledging the ‘whole’ from whence the term most likely originated. This encompasses the physical/body, emotional/vital, mental/mind, spiritual/heart and the life force essence/soul.

Regular or conventional veterinary medicine is completely focussed on the physical aspect of the animal except for behavioural medicine that incorporates the emotional/vital driver of energy and a little of the mind. However, only a full appreciation of the entire being and understanding how each part interacts with the others will bring full health restoration. It is a shifting landscape that requires awareness and attention to detail; plus the homeopathic medicines that can effect profound change in the entire economy.


Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, whilst never calling the life force, ‘soul’, does refer to the spirit-like life force in aphorism #9 that leaves open to interpretation the following.


“In the healthy human state, the spirit-like life force (autocracy) that enlivens the material organism as dynamis, governs without restriction and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.”


In less than an ideal world we all do the best we can to keep ourselves well and that requires us to avail ourselves of all the tools available to us.

It has been difficult to focus on the most important things these past months as we are increasingly drawn in to thinking and acting in ways that try to take us further and further away from our higher purpose.

Many people have expressed to me their need to identify with a deeper meaning and sense of direction; one that is not determined by outer circumstances or decided by those with little real interest or concern for our happiness.

I believe this can only come from a connection to our higher self, that I call the soul and it is very difficult to consciously rely upon the soul to maintain health without the practice of prayer and meditation.

As the direct representative of the One, the soul in all beings is having an experience on its own Life’s Soul-Journey which is also the name of the book by Sri Chinmoy that contains the following………


“What do we mean by the spiritual life? We mean a life of inspiration, aspiration and inner communion. When you are able to meditate for a few minutes, the mind does not become a victim to doubts, impure thoughts and unhealthy ideas. If you really and truly accept the spiritual life, you will see that in the twinkling of an eye, most of your difficulties not only decrease but disappear. This happens because in your spiritual life there is abundant strength which you do not have in your outer life. This abundant strength, when it comes to the fore, makes the outer life surrender automatically to the inner life. And when it surrenders, it is not from compulsion, but from a spontaneous inner feeling. It surrenders with joy because it feels that in surrender itself, it gets the full power and total bliss of the inner life.”


As humans, we complicate our lives with thoughts and ideas so that misunderstanding and conflict abounds in our outer reality. One of my favourite quotes from Sri Chinmoy goes like this….


“Truths come from a higher or deeper world, from a different plane of consciousness. It is when we put ourselves in tune with the universal harmony that life ceases to be unbearable”.

Striving to place ourselves in tune with the universal harmony takes effort and determination but first we have to value the concept. Then we have to dig deep into our own hearts and relearn how to connect to each other from there.  It is made easier by appreciating nature and taking help whenever it is afforded. Our animal companions inspire us to simplify our existence and expand our hearts. Their loyalty and devotion to us can model the attributes that we must seek to reinstate in our human lives as we strive for  peace and happiness in the world. These qualities come from within with a little help from our friends.

Walk the dog, pat the cat, tend to the garden and cuddle the kids.

Muster all your love so that our world can continue to provide all that we need to thrive.


Learn to make Heart Power a reality.


What is ruling the world

If not the darkness

Of misunderstanding minds?



Man creates disaster after disaster

For himself

What does God do?

God tries to save man

Each and every time.



Every self-giving effort

Of every human being

Is needed to change

The fate of the world.


Aphorisms from 77,000 Service Trees by Sri Chinmoy