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Feb 2022

Hi Saranyu,

I just wanted to stop for a moment and give you a big thank you for saving Maya’s life about four years ago. At the time she was 7 1/2 years old and had severe back pain and injury and could barely stand.

You were amazing in your treatment and Meya is still going strong and the happiest dog she’s ever been in her whole life. It took several months for her to improve turning point was absolutely when you became involved.

I’ve attached a short video of her jumping around s week and

 a couple of photos that may trigger your memory . Just thought it might be nice for you to see what an amazing outcome can occur.

If you don’t recall her, that’s okay because it was a while ago and I’m sure you see plenty of different animals. But I do want you to know the amazing difference you’ve made to her life and mine.

Kindest regards,


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  1. From Jason Wright

    Dr Pearson is our go to for the Holistic approach for our cats and dogs,it shows with the body language of our pets with the excitement of going to see Dr Pearson.
    Thank you for the over and above care you give our fur family!

    Jason Wright and Liz Wason,Geelong,Vic.

  2. From admin

    Hello Dr Pearson ,
    Just wanted to follow up about Fifi’s progress . She is certainly a different dog from the day we came to see you.She has gained a little more mobility ,she is now able to jump up on her couch which is something she hadn’t been able to do for quite some time . Her bad breath has pretty much disappeared, her teeth at the back that looked rotten have cleared up and just about all of that build up that covered them has gone and the teeth look pretty good still . She is so much more interested in things now such an improvement from before seeing you as I mentioned to you I had felt that she seemed really depressed . I’m extremely pleased with her improvement it’s like she turned the corner after coming to see you and has a new lease on life.
    Thankyou again Dr Pearson ,


  3. From Monica Winston

    I provided palliative care for my cat Fluffer who was diagnosed as having renal failure. The emergency vet clinic in Geelong who saw him were very kind and provided hydration for 2 days after I said I wasn’t ready to have him euthanised. They said I could visit any time provided they were not flat out and allowed me to use one of their consulting rooms to cuddle him. Meanwhile I got in touch with Dr Saranyu Pearson who assured me that what I wanted to do was viable and preferable ie.of being able to treat Fluffer at home with the likelihood of him passing into the spirit world. I did this and used the variety of homeopathics and flower remedies as well as a lot of meditation and some Aura Soma and he moved out of his body in his own time and allowed me to be there when he took his final breaths. I have had some lovely experiences of Fluffer since he left his body and all along have been meditating that he moves into the light.

    Thank you Saranyu for your years of experience and training, the gentle and trusting process and orientation that dying or moving out of form is a sacred process.

  4. From Sharon jones

    Dear Dr. Pearson
    I miss my beloved Soda.I am comforted knowing that you knew she was on her own path to a very gentle and graceful dying and that enabled me to accept without panic.(After the intial bit!)Thank you seems inadequate for the wonderful skills you bring to our lives! From our heart….

  5. From admin

    Hello Dr Pearson,
    Just wanted to let you know how wonderfully Buzz is doing.
    Fully recovered for weeks now and a new man!
    Not a trace of itch on him and very happy!
    Thanks you so much for your help and saving our man!
    Anita and family
    Kilsyth, Vic

  6. From Maria T

    Hello Saranyu

    I thought you would be interested to know that Jet has been strutting around with ease tonight and delighted with his clipped claws, relieved throat issue and a wonderful glow of contentment and peace. Following your home consultation today he looks half his age which is truly inspiring given he is a 23 year old cat.

    I am sincerely impressed and grateful for your sage advice, intuitive understanding, considerable holistic knowledge and wide ranging skills. Jet has been to many vets in the past 22 years and I can confidently state no other vet has had the impact nor achieved the results you have managed with only two consultations. Today when you instinctively knew what Jet needed and arrived with the remedies, Bowen therapy suggestion and clippers it confirmed for me that Jet is truly receiving the best care and treatment he has ever received.

    I am delighted Jet is receiving genuine and life affirming holistic care now. I too am receiving the blessings of natural healing and peace by being open to the process of holistic healing for Jet. My hope is that many other pet custodians will embrace the holistic veterinarian healing services you offer and trust in the process of natural, joyful, healing for animals. Letting go of the fear and doubt that arises when we are living with and caring for those we love (whether they be animal or human) who are ill or coming to the end of their life can be challenging at times. However the rewards far outweigh the fear when you realize that by truly embracing the genuine healing opportunity that holistic healing offers our pets are able to experience true relief, renewed strength, peace and a richer life experience. We then get to witness and enjoy their return to wellbeing and gain a greater level of acceptance and engagement in life and the richness of relationships that our pets so willingly offer us in good faith and trust.

    Thank you Saranyu.

  7. From Ray & Julia Spencer, Adelaide

    Dear Saranyu,

    It is now 3 sad weeks since we lost our beloved “Danny” However we are comforted by the fact that with your care, we had 4 more years with him than we ever expected.

    When he first went to The Holistic Vet he was skin & bone, being treated for pancreatic insufficiency at a conventional vet. Not long after Danny started natural therapies, we had the privilege of meeting you on your monthly visits from Geelong.

    Danny had quite a complex range of issues affecting his immune system, not to mention the emotional trauma he experienced following the loss of my Father to whom Danny was extremely devoted.

    You spent the time to learn all about Danny and gave him so much love & respect, which was openly reciprocated by him.

    You were able to communicate with Danny in a way that is beyond words. You often said that he would tell you what he needed and were guided by him.

    When the Holistic Vet closed, you would visit Adelaide and come to our home to continue Danny’s treatment & Bowen Therapy (which he loved!!) It was if he knew you were in town & at what time you were due to arrive as he would wait expectantly by the front door. I recall the time that I thought he had got it wrong as he sat waiting a half an hour before you were due to arrive. I discovered that you had driven by the top of our street at that precise time!! What a beautiful connection between you both!

    Even since his death you have been there to comfort both Ray, Mum & I, with your beautiful telephone call & words in the card you sent us.

    Wherever Danny’s soul is now, you enabled him to complete this life’s work.

    In memory of our beautiful Danny 24/9/99-29/1/11

    Ray & Julia Spencer, Adelaide

  8. From sharon jones

    Saranyu…Soda thanks you with all her heart for saving her life.
    Sharon.Soda ,Liza

  9. From admin

    Dear Dr Pearson
    I cannot thank you enough for all your support over the last year or so. I
    knew when I first brought Lexie to see you that there was no cure or much
    hope of any improvement for her. The conventional vet gave her no longer
    than 6 months to live. That was 18 months ago. She has surprised us all and
    has shared with us an enormous amount of joy. Most vets would have
    recommended euthanasia long before this but you helped her cope with her
    obstacles, at least for a while, which enabled us to extend our time with
    her. Every day with her has been a bonus and we would not have gained this
    without you and your wonderful abilities and encouragement.

    Nicole, Adelaide

  10. From Pat

    Dear Dr Pearson
    You successfully treated my fluffy “possum” grey cat (Blossom) for colitis.

    Thankfully she survived her 6 weeks at the cattery without reoccurrence of the colitis.!!!
    With best wishes and gratitude for all your kind attention to Blossom.

    Pat (Adelaide)

  11. From Jo

    Hi Dr Pearson,
    I miss him (my dog) terribly -4 weeks to the day today…. –
    I’m so glad he had such a pain free year of treatment – I know he certainly loved his visits to come see you. You always treated him with positivity & hope – we always came away from your visits feeling uplifted and positive.
    Thankyou so much for everything – you are an amazing person & vet. Keep up the good work!

    Jo (Adelaide)

  12. From Julie Carpenter and Tim Lightheart

    Dr Pearson has always demonstrated a high standard of professionalism, consulting and explaining everything very thoroughly. Her methods of treatment covered a wide range of options, therefore being able to select the most appropriate course of action for each animal. Our animals have always appeared comfortable with Dr Pearson. She has an empathy and rapport with all her ‘clients’(and their families). We know that many animals are yet to benefit from her knowledge and experience.

    Julie Carpenter and Tim Lightheart, Ringwood North, Vic.

  13. From Janet C.

    Dear Dr Pearson,

    You may remember arthritic old Ned with his ‘bear-feet’. We will never forget the understanding and skill that you brought to his care. He is still, 18months later, ‘galumfing’ cheerfully about on legs that don’t have a normal joint in them. It has been a most precious time for us and we thank you for that.

    Janet C. Richmond, Vic.

  14. From Robyn Whiteley and John Collins

    Dr Pearson always made an effort to offer us ways of treating our dogs’ problems without resorting straight to drugs. She worked with us to check on our dogs’ diet, she suggested exercise programs if she thought they were necessary, she was always cautious in her approach, preferring to give an animal time to ‘treat itself’ to some extent rather than leaping in with intrusive methods. As a result, our old dog, who had damaged both her cruciate ligaments, gradually came back to running, even though, in the immediate period after her injury, it was the opinion of more traditional vets that she would have to walk on a lead for the rest of life.

    Dr Pearson’s beliefs and convictions inform her professional practice as well as her life. The holistic approach she takes to her life is also evident in her work. She doesn’t think about a diseased or sick animal, she thinks about an animal that has a disease or a sickness. It’s the whole animal that Dr Pearson considers.

    Robyn Whiteley and John Collins, Richmond, Vic.

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