Animal kingdom part2

This is part 2 of Sri Chinmoy’s Animal Kingdom

see Part 1 for introduction.

Ant: Glory
Cow: Light
Deer: Speed
Cat:  Affection
Frog: Enthusiasm

Ant: Glory   images-5

Ant, my ant,

In you my heart beholds
The glory of the Supreme.
Tiniest in size, you house the dream
Of the Omnipotent.
To me you are extremely important,
Because you represent
One extremity of God,
His message of smallness;
In another word, His greatness.

Ant song

Ant frugality I want not

Cow: Light

Cow, my cow,images-2

You have the light,
You are the light.
You alone have the right
To guide and lead
The entire creation’s height.

Cow song

Cow self-giving I want

Deer: Speed

Deer, my deer,images-21

God’s Compassion
Has the fastest speed.
God is very rich, my deer.
With his Compassion –Moon,
The whole world he knows how to feed.
God wants you
To be his student-runner
And hoist his Victory’s Banner.

Cat:  Affection

Cat, my cat,images

You cry for constant affection.
I have affection plus compassion.
Stop crying.
Start smiling.
I tell you a supreme secret;
“I treasure your dependence.”

Cat song

“Cat Slyness, I want not”

Frog:  Enthusiasm

Frog, my frog,images-11

Endlessly you jump and jump,
Cheerfully you cover distance,
Proudly you conquer the pride of length.
Who could imagine
That your legs had such spring and
Continue jumping.
In the process of your evolution
And your silver-bright enthusiasm
You are bound to cover
Eternity’s length
And sing the song
Of salvation-perfection.

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