What’s Love got to do with it?

Life used to be harsh brutish and short

Life is loud fast and disturbing

Life can be fruitful meaningful and satisfying if we hold on to the only thing that really matters, our ability to love.

This blog is to honour those who love us, our animals and those we love, our pets, family and community….because love is all we ever need but we have forgotten how it heals us all.

Love is simple

Love is everywhere

Love is the glue that holds our world together so if it feels like we are coming apart at the seams we need to harness and cultivate more love.

This may sound like a strange topic for a vet blog but I notice that I have not put a posting up for over a year and most of you are familiar with my eclectic style by now.

We also lost our own beloved pussy cat Nala a year ago and this reminds me that even in her last moments she was able to express her gratitude and love for us after her twenty something years of support to our family.

I have been trying to make sense of the overall events of the past few years in a virtual vacuum of information and common sense which really was never that common to begin. A dearth of understanding and support through communication upon which we used to rely that has been hi-jacked.  An active discouragement of any reflection or criticism of our actions and a failure to appreciate that we have been and still are to some extent at war with forces that have no interest in our wellbeing or survival. This poses many problems as well as opportunities for those with some knowledge or understanding to postulate bizzarre accounts of events and circumstances in the attempt to try to make sense of things that defy logic and elude exposure. This serves only to complicate an already ridiculous illusion of normality and make us feel even sicker regardless of where the grains of truth lay in any if any of the events or theories.

We are living in an era of such massive deception with so many tools available to perpetuate this that we have very little choice other than  to become selectively deaf. Furthermore all this serves to take us out of our heart space and into the mental world and love does not exist in the mind.

This confusion and mayhem is what our animals have been trying to protect and support us through and it is why they, like many of us, are struggling at some level or another despite a brave face. They do not have developed minds but they feel our suffering.

It is why I have been less available to them and to the people they live with because I have needed to sustain and reclaim my own energy after fighting for their right to live a healthy and natural life. The Health War despite what most are led to believe is not over and we are entering into an era of “Don’t mention the war” in the mistaken belief or misguided hope that it is over. To me the repeated  view that life on earth has always been the same battle since the dawn of time is valid to a point but is also a cop out for those who do not wish to do better and fail to see that the issues are escalating rather than abating.

This is a shocking indictment on the wasted time we have had to endure these past years as we wait to see if we can change our trajectory towards a healthier and happier community. A community that currently and overwhelmingly relies upon the virtual and intangible rather than the organic and living support that the natural world offers whether it be our pets, our gardens, our friends or our faith.

Looking for the positive I do not want to think that we have failed but the overarching sentiment is that there is no love in the health system under which we are presently suffering because not only have we have sacked many of the best health practitioners and numerous skilled workers in our community who stood up for our health rights but also the natural phenomena that govern life on earth. We are, enmasse, choosing to embrace the virtual harmful and meaningless interactions via technological devices that almost every human being on the planet now finds themselves attached in favour of embracing each other or our loved ones.

In essence there is no love in the mechanisms that we are forced to rely upon in a technologically driven and dependent world. As biological organic entities we are being subjected and subjugated by an unforgiving, unloving and unnatural overlord that cannot, nor ever will learn to love us.

Our nervous system is an electrical circuit and many of us are trying desperately to install safety switches so they we do not overload and burn out.

Our pets are safety switches. Our friends and Mother Nature are safety switches and all of these are being corrupted by a bombardment of unnatural electrical influence. Whales are beaching themselves, birds are flying into things in confusion, dogs are suffering anxiety, cats are eliminating in inappropriate places, people are suffering depression and anxiety and all of us are looking for distractions and some joy to remind us that life is good and hoping there is enough love to hold us here.

My job is to support the animals that support you.

In coming months I will have a new website. This will enable me to take what I can from the ignorance-night I have been describing and railing against to try and make myself more available to those seeking guidance towards better health for their pets. Whilst I plead guilty to hypocrisy in using these means it is probably the best I can offer at present given that there must be some good in all of these situations.

It is with this hope that we can find the positivity, that must exist in all situations for us to prevail, that I am going to offer this avenue of service.

Our animals do not have developed minds but they have nervous systems and instincts and the best way to support them is with kindness, consideration and nutrition that is optimal…real food, calmative food, healing food.

They have big hearts and that is what we must value now above all else…their unconditional love for us.

Survival hinges on simplicity and put simply love is the only thing that can remain incorruptible.

Love is all.

We just have to make this a conscious decision, a reality and a priority with a little help from each other.

Love increases
By visiting friends.
Love increases more
By helping friends.
Love increases most
By loving friends.

Sri Chinmoy, The Wings of Light, part 2, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1974

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