Energy healing

The buzz word of the decade perhaps but for homeopathic practitioners, amongst others, energy healing is the foundation of practice.
I am astounded at the ignorance surrounding energy medicine in an age of such knowledge. Quantum physicists will expound upon the theory that matter is energy and energy is matter but very few have applied this tenet to our lives.
We are energy, we are matter, ergo, we are energy. How ever much matter and energy are interchangeable most of us are only ever going to see and believe in matter.
As a Veterinarian I am often asked for evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. There have been a relatively small number of trials and studies conducted because funding for research into homeopathy is very scarce.
In fact, the evidence that so many require is almost as scarce in conventional veterinary medicines despite funding opportunities by large pharmaceutical corporations. Notwithstanding, the obsession with evidence for homeopathy in the scientific community borders on pathological and we are often required to provide proof way beyond the bounds of proof offered for most conventional treatments. I believe this unfair requirement is largely driven by prejudice and ignorance and an attempt to discredit homeopathy as a healing modality.
Energy healing techniques and medicines do not lend themselves well to scrutiny at a cellular or mechanical level because the physical effects are entirely secondary to an energy shift that, so far, is largely unmeasurable by instrumentation.  Moreover, the times that it has been documented, the data has been discredited like in Benvenistes experiments with the memory of water.

Nevertheless the homeopathic effect is clearly evidenced in clinical improvement because it occurs at the level of the life or vital force, which is in turn, responsible for the physical changes that bring about healing.
There have been advances made in recent times in energy measurement and mapping with Kirlian photography of the aura or biofield of living organisms but there is a long way to go before many are satisfied with the reality of energy medicine and the existence and capacity of the healing force contained in all things. It is one thing to observe something and another to understand its function and capacity.


When scientists examine the changes to cells and structures after the effect of conventional medicines there is often a visible impact incurred by the drug. In contrast, a well selected homeopathic medicine will deliver a burst of energy to the life force of the organism which will in turn make a change to the cells.
It is highly likely that the water content of the body on which the remedy is acting will have a large part to play in the resonance of the remedy throughout the whole body. Where there is water there is life.

Question: Does water really have consciousness, or does it just represent consciousness?
Sri Chinmoy: Water represents consciousness and water also embodies consciousness. If one is a very advanced, highly developed seeker, not to speak of a great Master, then one is bound to see and feel that water embodies consciousness. When life-energy is taken as inseparable from water, at that time water embodies consciousness. Consciousness is the connecting link between Heaven and earth, between the finite and the Infinite. And it can take different forms. Water represents consciousness for those who have not yet discovered the oneness between the finite life and the infinite Life. They feel that there is a great gap between the finite and the Infinite. But I always say that the finite and the Infinite are one, in the same way that the drop and the ocean are one. Boundless drops make up the ocean. If one knows that the drop represents the ocean, then one will also feel that one or two drops embody the ocean itself.
Excerpt from Simplicity, Sincerity, Purity And Divinity by Sri Chinmoy

The memory of water has been beautifully demonstrated by Masaru Emoto’s water crystals and investigated by Jaques Benveniste amongst others.
Interestingly, however, is Hahnemanns observation that the first signs of remedy effect will be mental improvement so it is clear that the full remedy effect is deeper than the physical. The brain is physical and visible but the mind is energetic and invisible. Perhaps water is a vehicle for healing in matter in the same way that the vital force is a vehicle for healing in the ethereal or energetic body. Homeopathy works on both and the same which is why I choose to make it the mainstay of my practice.

The body of research will increase now that homeopaths have been given the freedom to design trials that better fit an homeopathic model. It has taken many years for scientists to acknowledge that not all science fits into neatly defined boxes with labels.  This new science is too dynamic to be subjected to double blind static trials. As Dr Emoto says “we have two eyes, why do we need to be double blind?”

If our knowledge does not continue to be challenged and expanded then we are not doing ourselves justice.

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  1. From admin

    Hello Justin,
    thank you for your response to ‘energy healing’
    I really don’t know any major Western scientists that have an opinion on Dr Emoto. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any of course.
    Some of them may prefer to keep their views to themselves depending on the areas they work in as some areas have more rigid parameters. I am uncertain of the repeatability of his studies myself and they may well not be termed ‘scientific’ by the scientific community.

    I do know there are many people who think very highly of him.
    Science is a very broad subject and the margins are blurry for some. Dr Emotos work perhaps touches more on philosophy than science.

    There will always be strict adherence to principles in areas of science that, like yourself, I agree need to be upheld for public good.
    There is a lot of conning going on! (and a lot more study required.)

    Science should be something we can trust implicitly but it will be a while before the world functions that way.
    I trust Dr Emotos message and intention but I am not a major scientist. I suspect that in order for many of them to maintain the discipline required to serve us best in their science they may have some difficulty in making the shift in thinking.

    I really just put these postings up to inspire others in their own pursuit of truth and I thank you once again, for your kind response

    Dr Pearson

  2. From Justin

    I really liked your article and I agree with you that it is difficult for the world to take this science in a serious manner due to our thinking requiring mountains of evidence. While I am not convinced that we ought to do otherwise – I think that it is natural for us to question new techniques. Are there any major Western scientists that believe in the work put forth by Dr. Emoto?

  3. From Jennifer Hornsey

    Dear Saranyu
    You continue to inspire me. I am interested in the water crystals.
    I recently had a healing with a very talented healer who channeled and also heals animals. I now am more comfortable with energy balancing and past life details.
    I have enrolled in an Australian Bush Flower Essence workshop the long weekend. Course written by Ian White; author of Bush Flower Essences and Taught by a Melbourne Naturopath.
    Being in balance is so important. I have a way to go yet…… I have Tabby on Australian flower essences and she is spending more time outside in nature which is helping her.
    Chief, the dominant (dog) cat did respond to your remedy.. thank you…

    with Love and Light

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