A Triumph and a Tribute

This week the peak body for Australian Veterinarians awarded me a meritorious service award for the years I spent promoting the benefits of retaining natural and complementary medical practices under the umbrella of professional veterinary services.

My dedication to the Integrative Veterinarians arises from my passion for homeopathy in particular and advocating for more Veterinarians to have knowledge and understanding of this system of medicine to mitigate many of the threats arising from antibiotic resistance, increasing rates of cancer and autoimmune diseases amidst a poor understanding of the role of food as medicine.

This post is not to ‘toot my trumpet’ but rather to celebrate all those who persevere in promoting systems of medicine against the tide of fashion and the forces of authoritarian governance.  I am reluctant to take personal credit for this award even though I am honoured to accept it as a tribute to all of us who continue to strive for excellence, integrity and greater choice over the medicines we employ to treat our patients.

I consider this award to be a tribute to all of us who continue to advocate for homeopathy on the healthcare landscape as many of us work to uphold the highest standards of healthcare.

IVA Meritorious Service Award 2022 recipient Dr Saranyu Pearson BVSc(Hons) 1987, VetMFHom(UK) 2015.

The dissertation outlining the award is as follows;

Paws to Heal has expanded and flourished over the last seventeen years to provide assistance and education to thousands of people seeking advice on animal health across the globe. Dr Pearson has also authored numerous articles published in general interest magazines and conducted animal health workshops for the public.

Positions held during office

President 2012-2016

Editor of Chiron from 2011, producing thirteen editions of this journal.

Inaugural President of Integrative Veterinarians Australia.

IVA life

Founding member of holistic veterinary group formed as IVA in 2011, member of VERA (Veterinarians in Education Research and Academia) from 2012 advocating to provide extended education to Veterinary Schools in Australia.


Notable Accomplishments

First President of the newly formed IVA. Prior to that, the IVA was under a different name of Australian Holistic Vets. Dr Pearson is an advocate for the importance of complementary therapies in veterinary practice through education and promotion in Veterinary Schools in Australia.

Dr Saranyu Pearson has authored many scientific articles, posters and submissions to AVA conferences and advocated via the AVA executive for recognition of complementary therapies.

These publications highlighted case studies and the practical application of therapies for the benefit of veterinarians who were using complementary therapies as part of their practice.

During the years between 2011-2017, there was active opposition to IVA being supported as a Special Interest Group (SIG) due to objection to homeopathy. This opposition culminated in the ineffective therapies statement endorsed by the AVA Board in 2012.

Dr Pearson led the IVA in representations to the executive and the Board of AVA during this time, arguing the merits of a range of complementary therapies, in particular homeopathy.

In 2013, Dr Pearson provided advice to the Guild Insurance Group, informing the rules for insurance of integrative veterinarians. A finding noted from this exercise was the low level of claims lodged in this category of veterinary practice.

The mental health theme introduced under Dr Pearson’s leadership in 2014 was immediately embraced by AVA members and is now a pillar of the current AVA support service to members with the flagship THRIVE program launched in 2022.

Dr Pearson presented the first meditation session at an AVA conference in 2015 at the Brisbane Pan Pacific AVA Conference.

These sessions are now part of the annual AVA conference program.

Integrative medicine in Australia owes much to the dedicated effort of Dr Pearson during the difficult, formative years of the IVA SIG. Dr Pearson is a passionate and dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine. The public as well as veterinarians benefit from the willingness to share knowledge about animal health and welfare through educative opportunities initiated and supported by Dr Pearson.

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  1. From Ulrike

    well done and well deserved
    you are a blessing to the animal world and humans
    such a nice picture too

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