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Animals communicate with each other and us through a range of wondrous mechanisms of which many of us are aware. I have written about these abilities in other blogs.

What we may not realise however is that the entire natural world we inhabit and mostly take for granted is also communicating with all living things on Earth through the fungal hyphal network that permeates the subsurface of the entire rock on which we live. The fungal communication highway enables our planet to stay healthy and helps it to repair.

  This system is under constant threat by the damage we create. Our flagrant lack of acknowledgment of the assistance nature is providing combined with the ongoing damage we inflict as pollution and destruction is making us sicker with each passing week because we are a part of this natural world and it is getting harder to hold it in health.

Natural and intuitive mechanisms of communication are being actively obfuscated to our detriment by a bombardment of unnatural origin.

The natural biological network of living things on Earth monitors and helps the health of the planet in ways we are yet to discover through a deeper appreciation of biorhythm and quantum. In contrast, human endeavour is currently destroying or compromising it with emf and wifi with frequencies that are above our biological capacity to tolerate and endure.

Everybody is well aware of the technological advancements in telecommunications that have connected nations and dare I say, assaulted our senses for two decades or more but very few apart from indigenous and natural cultures appreciate that we have had a miraculous, naturally occurring global network long before we launched the satellites.

 Of course, as humans, we have limited access to the benefits of this fungal exchange in most ways except as food because we have become disconnected from them and most other plant life at a fundamental subconscious level. Our animal companions in contrast are still aware that this information exchange exists and are still in tune with it despite their removal from the wild. They tune in to the rhythm of Mother Nature and they try to filter and block the barrage of confusion from the artificial world.

 As our helpmates they are trying to impart these messages and warnings to us through their behaviour and other symptoms if we learn how to interpret them.

Since the dawn of time our animals have been evolving alongside us to provide comfort, assistance, protection and as pets, unconditional love and joy. On the whole we are getting better at listening to and appreciating their efforts but the plants and soil are being seriously undervalued for the life affirming qualities they supply. 




It is not a coincidence that the minerals themselves used for technology come from the natural world such is the beneficence of Mother Nature’s offerings but even these gifts are being superceded by the arrogance of science and artificial substances that have no place in natural systems.

It is perhaps not a coincidence also that the fungi are decomposers and utilise various substrates as energy to breakdown organic material and form new soil and produce fruit.

In a breakdown of the world currently as we know it this parallel does not escape notice but I wonder what may be the value of the ‘fruit’ these technologies produce.

On the one hand we have nature battling to keep us well and on the other we have a burgeoning overreliance on artificial intelligence denying its role in making us sick; plant, animal and human alike. As mentioned, the animals are aware of this, we largely are not.

The numbers of enquiries I have had from concerned animal owners over these past months in particular, regarding the side effects of these more recent abuses and interferences to health have been overwhelming even though many of them are yet to realise why their animals’ health is deranged.

Many of us have noticed the increase in mushroom and fungus, yeast and mould growth over recent months. This is natures attempt to restore an imbalance created by these interferences and the ensuing toxic overload or dysbiosis.  Plants will monitor and respond to the needs of the life forms on Earth by growing what is needed in areas it is needed. Fungi and algae and moulds restore ecological balance to soil and as previously mentioned, create the communication network for the natural world to remain vigilant and responsive to threats of all kinds. All things need rainwater to grow and water itself is also a guardian of health for all living things. In this way the soil and plants are a macroscopic view of our own inner workings through our intestinal biome which, on a more local level, also breaks down waste material and communicates with our whole body.

On this much smaller scale, the candida and malasezzia yeasts that plaque human and animal health as recurrent bouts of thrush, otitis, itchy feet and other symptoms are often caused both by a disturbance to immune function plus the presence of mercury and other toxic substances in or surrounding the body in much the same way that oil spills and industrial waste damage soil and water habitats.  Once we acknowledge that these fungal blooms are natures attempt to restore health by removing dangerous substances we can begin to appreciate what we have available to help us at a naturopathic level….in these examples specifically chlorella, amongst other fungal immune balancing homeopathic or herbal medicines plus good water to drink in larger quantities than most of us realise is necessary.

Since my phosphorus blog I have been pondering why this picture is currently so prevalent. Whilst I still hold to my ‘spike’ theory  I am coming to understand more and more that it is bigger than that.  The following discovery also goes some way to explaining my unsettlement given there appears that there is little protection afforded against energetic attack other than an even deeper faith that humanity will prevail and start returning goodwill and authority to Mother Nature and to the natural world.

The picture of Phosphorus is radiation damage…….adding hair loss and immune compromise to the previous portrait, it is little wonder we are all finding it difficult to stay well.

There have always been those amongst us who can hear these messages and a larger group of people that find it hard to filter them into meaningful or helpful information without the medical training that most of those with it have under-utilised. This awareness is also the clairvoyance (clear seeing) of Phosphorus but I suspect the brain fog many are experiencing is electrical or chemical disturbance to microcirculation from unnatural sources.

The obfuscation of the truths behind our most recent global health crisis must surely come to light over time. Time to adjust to the reality of our predicament being born of our ignorance and naivety. Time to ponder the over reliance we place on our leaders to be people of integrity and wisdom. Time to recover from the fact that, on large, they are neither.

Coughing, loss of voice, tickly chest is all loss of ability to speak out. The inner scream that many do not recognise as such. An inability to get things off your chest…to communicate….to form community. At a subconscious level we know this is true but it must be brought to the surface before we can acknowledge it and accept a remedy. Even our dogs have had more ‘kennel cough’ in recent months such is their identification with us.

Still in the early days of this new millennium with the attendant challenges and excitement it inevitably brings, we, as a species have taken the world hostage. Humankind is incredibly young and careless; oblivious to the wonderful legacy we could relish if we did not continue to ignore the warnings of our short, rough history and heed the compassion and wisdom of the Mother Earth.

We are in a war on natural health and on the natural world in all terms and unless and until we find our collective voice and amend our trajectory, we may be headed for further or greater disasters than we have hitherto seen. To stay positive is difficult but of paramount importance.

Our animals are aware of this and doing their best to help. They inspire us and make us laugh to generate the best medicine of all.

Whilst our fellow animals do not pray and meditate, they rely on the fact that we must….even if only to keep us centred in our heart and connected to our Source so that we will know and act better.



We must grow into the fulfilment of our promise.

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