There are countless definitions of this term both as a noun and a verb, as well as being a popular dog’s name and nickname for boys, my little brother included.

However, since 2021 this term has been hijacked to be used for one thing only.

There are numerous anecdotal and repeated reports in the human world of side effects from coronavirus injections that largely are ignored by the profession that pushes them as the only solution to the problem.

This has led countless thousands of unwell people to seek the help of naturopathic health practitioners to help them with what the medical profession terms ‘psychosomatic disease’ or ignores entirely, or worse, tells the patient directly there is nothing they can do to help.

Most of these people may not even yet be aware of what is making them unwell with conditions they have never had before. Moreover, the people and animals that they live with and share their space with are also being made sick.

There are two basic mechanisms operating

Both the virus and the vaccination create vasculitis (microclots/bleeding)

In addition, the mRNA vaccination produces spike protein (cytotoxin)

The difference is that with vaccination the body is being instructed to manufacture the spike protein with no off switch whereas with natural infection the body has an individualised approach to healing itself with no mixed messages. Most people naturally infected can even be largely unaffected, whereas with vaccine uptake the body has no choice to heal itself and we must hope the effects will wear off over time or be mitigated with natural medicines. In either case there is a definite odd feeling in both circumstances and it is widely acknowledged that vaccination does not protect from infection for coronavirus.


From what we have been able to observe the extrusion of manufactured spike protein in coronavirus vaccinated human beings is rampant for up to 3 weeks and maybe longer after each ‘jab’. With many Victorians now taking up the 3rd wave of injections we have another looming environmental hazard to navigate…..and this is never ever reported in the ‘News’.


This made headlines though…… plus the News broadcasts of the day throughout Melbourne throwing pet owners into a frenzy last year.


2nd July 2021 Daily Mail Australia

Horror virus hits more than 100 dogs in one of Australia’s biggest cities – leaving some pets hooked up to IV drips for days

  • Dog gastroenteritis is being spread through an inner-east Melbourne park
  • Over 100 dogs have caught the virus after visiting Citizen’s park in Richmond
  • Dogs who visited the park from June 11 have been contracting the disease
  • Older pets are particularly vulnerable, with some being put on intravenous drips



…..because few others than integrative veterinarians would recognise this for what it most likely really is…..spike sickness.


Coronavirus vaccine rollout started in Victoria in February, reached peak uptake May 2021 before similar rise in Aug/Sept same year.

This May rush to get jabbed would potentially have been a major contributor to the extrusion of spike protein by those being injected.

These dogs would all have been subjected to massive environmental contamination of spike protein extruded by their owners and other vaccinated inner city inhabitants who, at that time, COULD ONLY WALK DOGS as were locked up the rest of the time. So they ALL went to the dog park.


Notably, no ‘virus’ or infectious agent was ever isolated or identified from this ‘outbreak’ in dogs and no further reports of this ‘horror virus’ were made anywhere including reputable veterinary publications…..anywhere.

In fact, when a new bio threat surfaces veterinarians are the first to be notified and that never happened…..we heard nothing more about this but those of us who look out for patterns started seeing similar bizarre cases of small animal disease that had no formal diagnosis.


Here are some that I was personally made aware of, or that I treated myself once I realised what was happening.


My own personal experience was in March 2021 when I was violently ill for only the second time in my whole adult life. The first time was upon returning from China in 2004, 24-48 hrs of fever, severe lethargy and vomiting…..likely a virus ( likely SARSCov1) and the most sick I had been to date.

This time, March 2021, no virus or infection. I experienced sudden onset nausea building over 24 hrs to extreme vomiting that lasted another 24 hours and no other gastro signs at all. The lack of usual symptoms was curious until I now realise what I was likely experiencing….a toxic assault. In fact this is still the main symptom I feel when I am around people who have been jabbed with mRNA, the code for cytotoxic spike protein. I have been feeling generally ‘sick’ for over a year but no severe reoccurrences now that I know what is happening and avoid contact as much as possible.

The little animals are not so lucky given that they are patted, cuddled and have little to no escape from their people. Some of them from ‘clean’ households are still getting affected by neighbours, friends, family and the general environment because they are super sniffers and will pick up everything and crave attention from anyone. There is of course also an energetic component to this horrendous agent.


October 2021…..phone call from a good client that has a clean household to say that her little Jack Russell Terrier was vomiting blood….that’s alarming for anyone, even the most sensible of clients. Upon further enquiry the little dog was not seeming unwell in herself (These things leave you feeling “odd” but not really unwell in the usual regards, which is the clue to the real cause.)  She had, however, been sitting on the lap of a recently double jabbed friend…..remedy Phos30 few doses, fine in a few hours.

I will talk about Phos in my next blog because this is a PHOSPHOROUS condition universally in homeopathic terms and fortunately we have this medicine available to treat both the disease and the vaccination side effects.


Christmas time……18month old French Bulldog (multiple jabbed household so overwhelming amount of spike) rushed to emergency because he could suddenly not use his back legs at all…..alarming again, hence visit to emergency. The vet could find absolutely nothing wrong except that the back legs would not work….Phos again but not given because I only found out about this later and the dog had recovered under its own steam.  This is also highly suggestive of the spike sickness as it is transient…….unless the animals are compromised in other ways with age or infirmity.

One that is not so lucky to recover without help because it is much younger and a lot more susceptible as a consequence……twelve week old puppy with sudden fulminant and severe pneumonia with no known cause…life threatening.  Vets recommend euthanasia as no treatment other than protracted and repeated antibiotic therapy with variable response and guarded prognosis…..Phos again.


So the themes here are

  • Sudden overwhelming feeling of nausea with or without vomiting
  • Sudden onset nervous signs, weakness, paralysis without pain usually
  • Sudden onset of bleeding
  • Sudden onset breathing difficulties/chest pain
  • A feeling of oddness or being unsettled
  • Often resolves spontaneously as quickly as it appeared unlike ANY known disease


Gut, nerve, brain and blood vessels…..Phosphorous… see next blog for a portrait.


I have not researched the components of the spike protein but I could bet there is quite a bit of phosphorous based on my own observations and understanding of this both as a homeopathic medicine and an essential element in many biochemical pathways in nature.


This unnatural virus creates unnatural disease and we are still working out how to support those affected. The so called vaccine is also unnatural and the ramifications of this approach will become apparent over time but is more prevalent and insidious than the virus itself. It is also interesting to note that the main target of the spike in vaccinated humans is the heart and the main target in non vaccinated ones is the gut.

Personal observation is that the brain/nerves is also affected in both cases.


I am not posting these blogs to add fuel to a contentious fire but rather because this massive experiment we are all being subjected to demands of us honest and truthful reporting of our observations and measurement of outcomes.

As health practitioners we have a duty of care to report adverse events.

My role here as a veterinarian is to report what I am treating in my animal patients.


The definition of SCIENCE is “observing and measuring” and anything else that is being sold is elaborate distraction.



Science says to Nature:

“To me, you are utterly useless!”

Nature says to Science:

“To me, you are deplorably harmful!”


Science is always in a hurry.

Nature has Eternity

At her disposal.


Science is the mind’s

Glorification and gratification.

Nature is the heart’s

Affection and satisfaction.


Sri Chinmoy



Take heart that if we first strive to make ourselves well, then the world will be well too.





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