Portraits: Phosphorous

Phosphorous as an element is one of the big five in life sciences.

One of the most prevalent elements in all living organism as a basis for RNA, DNA and most biochemical pathways in all living things. Carbon, Phosphorous, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Phosphorous is also a nerve poison, used in chemical warfare and insecticides, fertilizers and food additives.

As a homeopathic medicine it can be used to treat any condition that involves inflammation of the nerves, mucous membranes (gut and lung especially) and for any bleeding problem.

It also creates a feeling of being ungrounded, sensing something is not right, strange fears or excessive nervousness. It is clairvoyant, gentle but can bite if provoked, generally warmer than silica but can be confused with it as they are both leading Tubercular medicines.

Interesting here is that silica is the technocracy that is driving the world presently.

We have phosphorous in the living tissues and silica in the artificial intelligence that drives them as we seem to be overly encouraging in this increasingly disturbing, dystopian world.


Tubercular, trapped, inability to speak up or speak out.


Phosphorous is also right sided in the upper body (head and lungs) and that is the ‘male’ side of defence/attack….Mars is the red planet, God of War and also an ‘Agricultural Guardian’ in Roman mythology. This is ironic given that the injudicious application of superphosphate has largely destroyed our agricultural landscape in Australia.

In the recent lockdown era it is pertinent to advise that the ‘couch potato’, junk food eaters have been overly consuming phosphates in the carbonated drinks and processed snacks that have sustained us in a less than a healthy way. This may contribute to my observations that this health disaster we are calling a pandemic and the phosphorous picture I am seeing in affected animals could be influenced by other phosphate bombardments to the environment. Regardless, my view on spike protein remains, (see previous post) because the phosphates in the foods are bound and need to be consumed whereas something is raising free phosphorous in the environment at present in periodic bursts that is affecting animals.


As a polychrest, phosphorous has its own unique picture like others I have presented.

This means that apart from being used to treat the diseases mentioned above it can also be helpful in certain individuals to help raise their vital response or energy levels.

They are naturally high energy animals and if they are severely lacking or showing ill effects of protracted longterm or debilitating disease we can consider using PhosAc….the acid of phosphorous. PhosAc is helpful for spey incontinence in bitches for this lack of sufficient energy to hold them in health.


The salts are also worthy of mentions for specific affinities, NatPhos for stomach issues, KaliPhos for nervous problems, FerrPhos for blood conditions and CalcPhos for bone and musculoskeletal development.


The true phosphorous animals could be generalised as having red coats/fur but not necessarily. They are almost universally outgoing and attention seeking/friendly and will escape to seek affection elsewhere if not provided at home. They are often fearful of thunderstorms and will sense the approach and can also sense when owners are coming home or certain people are about to visit. They often have bursts of excitement or energy at dusk/ twilight and can be excessively over exuberant…think red Staffies that can’t sit still and freak out in thunderstorms. They tend to be very thirsty for large quantities of water and often very hungry as well. Phosphorous is also genuinely sympathetic and likes to be patted or stroked.


Phosphorous animals are often lanky and lean and if they are fast growing and if they have more extreme fears they are often CalcPhos or other salts like KaliPhos.  There is phosphorous in snake venom which affects coagulation and the medicines need to be differentiated.

The most memorable Phos case was my first experience with the medicine.

It was a case of immune mediated thrombocytopaenia which causes low platelet count and a tendency to bleed. I was a new homeopath and took a gamble that of the three main bleeding medicines, Phos felt like the right one and it was…..cured in 3 days with no relapse.

Since then I have used it very often for storm fears, inflammatory bowel syndrome, colitis and most recently for spike toxicity.

I post these blogs only to inspire people to see that there are effective natural medicines for all diseases if you can find a practitioner with the passion and experience required to manage them properly. Also to try and illustrate the beauty and complexity of the natural world and how we can immerse ourselves in the glory that we have at our disposal if only we can take the time and interest to appreciate and harness this amazing gift.


Homeopathy must prevail as a system of medicine for the benefit of the entire humanity and animal kingdom.


We  must all be advocates for nature as the world moves further and further away from following her wisdom and guidance.



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