A New World message.

No-one alive today could remember the last time we had a global pandemic unless like me, you consider ignorance to be a disease in which case we have been living with a pandemic for decades and only managing to make things worse. Until now. Now we have a lot more attention being focused on the important things. The little things that matter most.

I sensed last year that something was going to happen very soon to break the old pattern of our existence and I had been living with an unsettling and intense expectation. Fortunately, the result is less disastrous than imagined. We are seeing the beginning of massive change in the world whether we realise it or not and we must take some initiative in directing this toward good.

Our current situation is considered to be bad enough to make even the stupidest of administrations sit up and take notice and the world has been brought to its knees by a biological organism and not the cataclysmic climatic event that many of us may have previously expected. We are seeing the beginning of the unpredictable catastrophic events that we thought only the natural world could bring to bear. And strangely enough it has done just that.

Good old Coronavirus, our crowning glory, has saved us from annihilation by our repeated refusal to acknowledge the dire state of the natural world around us.

It is none other that the natural world at a microscopic level that has managed to accomplish what raging tornadoes, hurricanes and bushfires could not bring about; a change to the way we do business before it is too late.


Planes are grounded, industry is closed, manufacturing is reduced, exports and imports are limited and we are forced to find local solutions to everyday problems previously considered to be somebody else’s responsibility.


I am amazed and impressed that so far the majority of people I encounter and talk to are managing to change their behaviour to accommodate increasing restrictions on movement and activity. Truth be told my own life has not changed that much as a result other than becoming more acutely aware of the dependency I have on telecommunications to stay connected to my family, friends and clients. We already have many households in our street growing food for each other and this inspiration is now spreading across our town.

It is good to see a large number of people starting to identify what really matters.

It is surprising and also comforting that we can actually live well enough with quite little. Our huge carbon footprint has virtually been obliterated overnight.

Exploring new approaches to life as we know it and discovering new opportunities to do things well or better are surely more important than surrendering to fear or living with disconnection and despair.

We don’t actually need to fly overseas as much as we may still want to. We don’t need to eat out every week although our restaurants are suffering. We don’t really need to horde or stockpile large quantities of food or supplies that may not ever be consumed. We have a unique opportunity to reinstate a simple life that many of us may remember we once enjoyed.

It is also important to acknowledge that it is not a virus that is creating this situation it is our reaction to it.

Our fear of the unknown, the unpredictable and the potential as our faith in our own capacity and health has been eroded over many years of corporate corruption and greed by the pharmaceutical industry amongst other predators on the world stage.

It has taught us to be scared of germs; to place our faith in vaccines rather than in our own resilience and innate immune strength conferred by good food and not ever by pills.

In actual fact we do have reason to be a little alarmed and concerned by the erosion of our human herd immunity and resistance over many decades brought about largely by the same industry with a vested interest in keeping us all sick and dependent.

We need courage to be our medicine. We need common sense to be our guide and we need to put nature back on the throne of the healthcare sector rather than considering it to be the enemy as the conventional medical establishment would have us believe.


It has been over a hundred years now since we learned that washing our hands can stop germs being transmitted.

It is polite and considerate to not sneeze and cough on other people.


Since the dawn of discovery and human movement across the planet we have brought germs and disease from one place to another and to susceptible populations. It is not just lack of previous exposure that renders populations susceptible it is also immunodeficiency or lack of immune competence that many people across the globe are subjected to in modern times by the stressors of a fast moving technology driven world. We have gone past the industrial revolution but are still suffering the fallout from it. We are well into the technological revolution and only beginning to appreciate the fallout from it.

It is insulting to our intelligence that lack of prior exposure to the virus is being vilified as the cause of our current epidemic as the true reasons are once again cleverly masked by those with vested interests in creating a dependency on their products and an agenda to promote them at our expense.

It is even more insulting to our intelligence that we are told that naturopathy and homeopathy has no place in the healthcare system or in keeping people and animals healthy when it has done so for over two hundred years.

As usual I’m sure I’m “preaching to the converted” but my real message is simply to not give up.

Don’t give up doing the right things, thinking the right way and living the right way.


No matter what.


Good things are just around the corner and the best can be brought out in us all.


Question: In the face of natural disasters, such as the tsunami that recently occurred, there are two ways in which we can respond. The first is to feel that human beings must respect nature much more. The second is to feel that human beings should come first and so we need even more advanced technology to protect humans from disasters. Which is your view?

Sri Chinmoy: I most sincerely subscribe to both views. Firstly, we have to respect nature. President Gorbachev and others are trying desperately to save Mother Nature. Here, there, everywhere, nature is being destroyed, so their Green Cross organisation is trying to preserve nature, preserve the environment. Nature is the expression of our inner life, our higher life. It is from nature that we get all good things—beauty, tranquillity, humility, simplicity and many other divine qualities. Above all, nature is spontaneous. When we develop the mind, we become so complex; we cannot do anything spontaneously. Nature helps us to regain our spontaneity. Like this, nature helps us in millions of ways to become good citizens of the world. That is why we must respect and adore nature.

Your second point is that we need even more advanced technology to protect humans from disaster. I also fully agree with this statement. Science and technology must make progress. But, forgive me to say, no matter how far we advance with our science and technology, if nature becomes furious, nature is not going to surrender to our scientific and technological achievements. The universal nature is infinitely more powerful than the scientific achievements of man. These achievements, I tell you, will be no match for Mother Nature if she becomes furious.

So these are two approaches: advanced technology and our respect for Mother Nature so that she does not get angry with us and torture us by creating natural disasters. Your two approaches are absolutely right, but if I am allowed, I would like to add one more approach which will not interfere at all with the first two. This third approach is prayer — prayer to the highest, to the strongest, to the most powerful One to protect us from harm, from nature’s disasters, or from anything and anybody.

If we can apply all three approaches at the same time, then there is a great possibility for us to avert nature’s disasters.

Sri Chinmoy, Conversations with Sri Chinmoy, Agni Press, 2007



The mysteries
Of Mother Nature
None can explain.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 43, Agni Press, 2005



Never give up!
Never give up!
Your ultimate goal
Is just around the corner.

Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy in Russia, Agni Press, 2001


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  1. From Ros

    reading this brought me to tears, so comforting to know that someone else (and others ) thinks the way I do

  2. From Ulrike Armstrong

    thanks, as always very insightful and inspiring! Looking forward to the next one

  3. From Carol Stephenson

    Totally agree! I’m so happy that after putting time and effort into my veggie patch, it is now possible for me to cobble together a decent, healthy meal from its produce! ….. may we create a new, better “normal” after we emerge from the lockdown, and never go back to the old!! Best wishes to all!

  4. From Judy peel

    Thank you sooooo much Dr Pearson. Wow…..you have given us clarity and confirmation and a greater insight into this Virus …tears of joy fell down my face as I read your email. We give thanks and gratitude to you and your amazing divinely team. Skye and l are so honoured to have you in our Iife….thank you thank you sooooo much. Angels watching over you always. .Judi & Skye

  5. From Kylie

    Beautifully written. Thank you.

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