I have always been an advocate for clean healthy nonGM foods for my family and I took pains when my kids were little to avoid as much as possible these genetically altered foods.  These days my time is spent supporting biodynamic farmers and food co-operatives as well as growing food at home.

My son still remembers me taking him to Melbourne on the train in 2008 to our Victorian Parliament House to demand that the Premier of the day say NO to lifting the ban on GMO crops. The Premier did not hear us, or he did not care to listen, or he got other information he would rather believe. He signed away our future that day without even blinking.


When I developed this web blog in 2005 I made a commitment to keep politics out of it but given that our lives have been turned upside down again this year on this same issue only now in the guise of “vaccination”, I feel compelled to shine some light on this alarming situation since it is no longer just the food this industry is targeting, it is our children themselves. Vaccination happens to be my area of professional expertise and we have to choose our battles. It is a very uncomfortable conversation to have and with the thick fog of confusion that has engulfed us all to an alarming extent it is even harder to engage in meaningful communications with each other without feeling sick.

Politics is a major culprit in creating and fuelling this conflict and as law abiding decent people, it can be hard to stand against a government that is overstepping it’s remit.


As a veterinarian, a parent and a health practitioner, politics has invaded my territory again and it is not welcome.


We have been forced to endure a story, a falsehood, that has been sold to us as a solution to a problem and not truthfully declared to be a massive experiment on the genome.


YES..It has happened again in 2021 with a different Premier from the same party only this time it is humans that are the GM Organisms as we ourselves become the unwitting test subjects.


GMO has permeated the food chain and animal foods now for over two decades and it has probably caused a lot of the adverse food events we have seen in the veterinary world over recent years. It is pertinent to revisit the ethics of this technology when there is so little other information coming out to help people make healthy choices in this current dilemma.


It will not be long before genetic manipulation will enter animal (and human) health treatment plans and it will not be long before there are more new and untreatable chronic diseases emerging as a direct result of the derailment of natural evolution and the natural order of biological systems that obey natural laws.


The bottom line in this current crisis, one that all virologists and immunologists must confess, is that you cannot make a vaccine against coronavirus.

This is undeniable unless the definition of vaccine is changed.

The bigger picture is that the human genome is now being patented and genetic engineering of the human is a much more alarming problem.

This massive rollout of genetic assault heralds the beginning of a new era of medicine.  Now that the stops are pulled out and there is no scrutiny or accountability required of the practice, we are fair game.  Unless we wake up to the potential and reality of the rapidly unfolding disaster that this approach is creating, we will have to fight even harder to reclaim our health and humanity. For sure there will be opinions regarding the benefits of these technologies and success stories of miraculous cures to genetic diseases but that is a very small fraction of the unfathomable reality. These advancements deserve thorough safety studies and slow steady development not rolled out as quickly and indiscriminately as possible under the guise of an emergency.

Most things being injected in the name of vaccination for coronavirus are genetic experiments that have largely unknown effects. They are certainly not going to create herd immunity either. Furthermore, they are likely to act as an obstacle to allowing natural immunity (true herd immunity) in the majority of people who may contract the virus in the wild.  There is even an emerging pattern of exacerbated symptomatology in those having been injected and then contracting the disease that warrants investigating before any further demands are made upon the public to subject themselves to further experimentation.

Herd immunity which protects populations of animals (yes it is a veterinary concept), is best achieved through naturally acquired infection and recovery and in some diseases with some vaccines also through vaccination. Historically, coronavirus was/is notorious for not producing protective antibodies which is why we keep getting the ‘common cold’ and why this has been such a controversial issue. Ironically however, we are discovering that many people in the world already have a level of protection to the novel coronavirus that contributes to herd immunity, likely through other antibody/immune pathways yet to be identified but involving cross reactivity amongst a host of other mechanisms. This quality research towards an ethical solution is being hampered from being of further benefit to us all by blanket vaccination policies. These forced injections are clouding any truly scientific approach to a discovering a sustainable and humane solution.


The vast majority of people who contract coronavirus recover uneventfully or show few symptoms. The ones who develop more severe or worrying signs need to be treated and yet there has been NO discussion about the availability and effectiveness of treatments for this virus. Instead, there has been a massive media driven scaremongering and suppression of helpful, truthful, hopeful information that the public deserves to have to be able to treat themselves promptly and without panic or fear. It is a complex issue made even more so by the prevention of communication between a variety of health professionals and scientists who could be collaborating and co-operating if they were enabled.


Given that many thousands of people who may read this or become aware of it will already have been injected, I encourage you to discuss with naturopaths, homeopaths and other integrative medical authorities about what can be done to mitigate some of the side effects that you may or may not yet be experiencing. Bear in mind that these vaccine adverse effects can manifest weeks and months afterwards and that is not being acknowledged let alone discussed.

As confronting as this advice may appear, it is the best I can offer given that we have all been pushed so quickly along this trajectory of fear that we have little time to assimilate and no opportunity to communicate before it is too late. It will be some time yet before the full data is collected and examined and before it can be of lasting benefit to the long game but in the meantime we must be allowed to have the discussions and conversations that we have been denied over these past two years. Nobody can truthfully claim to have all the answers which is why we must find the courage and compassion to listen to everybody.


Knowledge is power but wisdom is kindness to yourself and to others and we need both at this unprecedented time in our Earth history.



-This is a treatable disease.

-It is NOT a preventable disease through injections of any kind.

-Education about nutrition and immune competency is more helpful than messages that engender fear and lower immunity further.

-Social and family support networks enhance immunity


Question: What shape is our manifestation taking politically?

Sri Chinmoy: Politically we are not in the forefront, but our aspiration is entering into politics for the illumination of political minds. Outwardly, politicians do not want to receive light, so we are trying to give it silently. We feel that politics as such is far from perfect and needs illumination; therefore, inwardly and silently we are trying to do the needful according to our capacity.

Sri Chinmoy, Politics and spirituality: can they go together?, Agni Press, 1977


Question: Can a spiritual aspirant participate actively in politics?

Sri Chinmoy: Very often we hear the word “politics,” and it is followed by “a dirty business.” People say, “Politics is a dirty business.” There is considerable truth in this. There is very little light, practically no light, in the political world. Politics is wanting in light because it is wanting in true sacrifice. It is only a kind of competition that is going on between parties which are equally bad. Naturally, one of them will win eventually.

If we feel that we will be able to change the face of the world by the path of politics, then we are sadly mistaken. Nothing can change the face of the world save and except inner aspiration. Inner aspiration only is of paramount importance, especially for the seekers of the Truth. Those who want to take an active part in politics will undoubtedly lose their purest aspiration for God.

God is in everything; so naturally God is also in politics. But we have to know how we can best approach God. It is our aspiration that will lead us directly to the Highest. Once we reach the Highest, then the highest Supreme Himself will take us into the heart of humanity.

I am not telling you to stop voting. No, far from it. But the most important thing is to make your inner choice. The spiritual aspirants have to vote for the divinity within themselves. When that divinity tells them what to do, they have to do it. Then, no matter what happens in the outer life, in the political world, the seeker has to be satisfied.

Who will solve the problems of your country? Not this party or that party. It is you who will solve the problems of your country, and not a political leader. Your aspiration for humanity will be able to save not only America, but the entire world. Each one of you here has that burning flame of aspiration. When your aspiration climbs up to the highest and then climbs down to kindle the ignorant world, then only will the world become a better place.

A sincere, genuine seeker must be careful of how much he is involved in politics. Spirituality, inner life and inner discipline are his first and foremost business. There are billions of people in the world who can be involved in politics, since they are not involved in spirituality. But sincere aspirants should remain far above the world of politics, in the Lap of the Supreme. There they will constantly grow into light, peace, bliss, confidence and universal harmony.

Sri Chinmoy, Politics and spirituality: can they go together?, Agni Press, 1977


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