Snippets of 2020 (1)

I confess to those who may care to know that I have been struggling to grapple with the way we have been heading in recent days/months for obvious and also personal reasons.

My holistic veterinary practice has always stayed open and I have remained available as a homeopathic veterinarian but I had just been suffering a bit behind the scenes, as I am sure many others have also been doing. I’m relieved to report that I have regained my equilibrium and perspective and feel better equipped to continue, partly for the following reasons.

Good information is coming through after six months of global reflection that has enabled me to reinstate my balance and once again enjoy my purpose and whilst many people are waiting for the ‘end’ most of us now recognise that ‘it’ is only just beginning.

There has never been a situation in my lifetime that has made every human being on the planet take notice simultaneously. For example and as a brief diversion, if this was the ‘second coming’ and we all recognised it the same way, we may all be instantly saved and the world changed for ever.

Instead it is nature bringing us a reminder that we have to change and our salvation will require many more years of hard work to make that change positive and progressive. We have a unique opportunity to do things better and it is essential we recognise this and implement our combined efforts towards doing things better for Earth and every living thing here.

In essence while we are all changing the way we think and do business, we are hoping to God that the coronavirus, COVID-19 (aka ‘it’) itself is also on its way to doing the same thing. In order to survive and be useful in the world it is a disadvantage to kill your host. We as humans need to get stronger and ‘it’, as a virus needs to mutate to be less of a threat. We can stop killing our earth home and ‘it’ can stop killing us. The previous infectious agents that shook the world seem to have established an equilibrium that we have learned to live with so we need to be reminded that this is just the next wave of blowout in the natural order.

Have  we forgotten that whilst good hygiene is paramount to good health, the obsession with nuking all ‘germs’ that has arisen over the past decade and is understandably escalating now, has created antimicrobial resistance, superbugs and an over reliance on chemical and pharmaceutical interventions instead of on our innate immune capacity when supported appropriately. Wash your hands by all means but please ditch the likes of Glen 20 on behalf of the thousands of helpful and essential organisms succumbing to mass destruction wrought by those disastrous household chemicals.


We all need to change.   


The snippets of irony prompting this update are as follows;

With the suggestion that snakes may be an intermediate host for COVID-19 I am reminded of the homeopathic snake provings for pneumonia and immune mediated diseases along with a common theme of fear. During my recovery from mental distress (fear) over our global pandemic I dreamed of the red snakes which are symbolic of power as distinct from the black snakes of danger and the genome of COVID-19 is close to that of Bungarus, a not well studied snake medicine. Yes he is red. The homeopathic medicines are gifts to humanity that will come to be recognised as such in the near future by more than those of us already benefiting from them. We will see homeopathy rising to play a very significant role in the health of our whole planet in the near future.

Perhaps even more exciting albeit incongruous, is the discovery that tobacco plants can produce the COVID-19 antigen six times faster than any other cell line and they can be used to harness material for vaccine studies. This is really a hoot! The same corporations that have been destroying peoples’ lungs and lives for decades will once again rise to save them from the same pathology…really?… is that a homeopathic coup (like curing like), or like most other things in our art, just another example of the inevitable and inexplicable ways of nature and true irony.

I am reminded that whilst most people’s minds do not work the same as my own, how humour is truly the best medicine. If we do have to use our minds during current events please let it be for keeping us positive and happy so that we are better able to access what Samuel Hahnemann himself referred to as our ‘higher self’. There is nothing funny at all about people being distressed and frightened and our global situation is serious but I do think we can use the best we have to  find a comfortable way to cope and for me that would be to engage a heart centred approach. Sri Chinmoy reminds me that fear is my unrecognised separation from God so I will be endeavouring to stay closer from now on.

In order to practice homeopathy well I need to look at the big picture and nothing gives me more joy every day than seeing the messages that Mother Nature provides for my continued happiness.

It is also necessary to function through our hearts to be happy and those closest to nature will find this easier to attain.

Laughter may prove to be indeed the best medicine.


My louder than the loudest laughter
Is, indeed,
One of my life-preservers.

From the book Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 1




Humour is
A hidden wisdom.

From the book Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 46



Humour is essential
In everybody’s life.
Never outgrow humour.

From the book Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 36

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