Mighty Mammals

Over these past two years we have all been overly distracted by health threats but it seems that very few of us have sufficient education and knowledge to understand or navigate the serious corruption of health information and misinformation being perpetrated. I am privileged to be placed in a position of some degree of authority, to have the ability to discern what constitutes health and to provide options to restore and maintain health for as long as possible. It is my livelihood and it is a privilege. I am a Veterinarian and we are all members of the animal kingdom.


It has been and continues to be a distressing time for the higher mammals like ourselves and subsequently, by virtue of their dependence and service to us, the lower mammals with whom we cohabitate. My practice is busier than ever because many more people are starting to realise that perhaps there is a better way to stay healthy and also keep their pets strong and resilient without chemicals or the need for genetic engineering.

Most people like myself with a background in virology, immunology, epidemiology and pharmacology have been trying to make sense of the global health situation that has spiralled out of control. A few of us, or maybe many of us, are seriously alarmed by the manipulation of our behaviour through fear and threats both perceived and real.

We are all being treated like we are all the same and we are not.


Some of us have a greater ability to discern and discover helpful information.

Some of us take a snippet of this information and weave it into a story.

Some of us deliberately like to upset or frighten others.

Some of us think that we know everything

Some of us know that we know very little.

All of us are confused and upset.


This blog was initially established in 2005 to support my clients and help others to think differently about the options we all have for managing to stay healthy. It is also an offering to my spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy for his belief in a “Oneness World Home”.    

More than ever in my life this ideal is being challenged in 2021 as our world faces what I can only understand to be cataclysmic, divisive change  and alarming harm. I have decided to call this period in our history the Health War because all the mainstream rhetoric and catchphrases abounding are disgraceful attempts to trademark unacceptable actions that I refuse to endorse as normal human behaviour. Few of us realise that some dictionary words have been redefined this year and retrofitted to suit these purposes and perhaps fewer still care…..but I do care….I really do. I’m not sure what pains me more, the fact that this is occurring or the fact that so few people seem to care.


There are countless many other valiant and courageous people starting to reach out to our fellow human beings with information that can support them to make decisions in these turbulent times.  The way I navigate the perils of conflict and mistrust is to try to feel what makes me peaceful inside in contrast to what deeply unsettles me. This requires silencing the mind and that can take considerable practice and patience.


The best things in life are simple and free.


It is only recently that the information I have needed has become available to me because it has had to permeate through a web of hostile intent generated by the forces we have been feeding and allowing to overly influence our lives through technology in the past twenty years or more. These filters allow fragments of information to be available that can be assembled in so many permutations that they fail to communicate any truth at all.


The only thing I can say with any certainty is that things are not right in the world.


There are many good people waiting to be of service to humanity and life on this planet if we know how to access them and encourage them to contribute to the discussion with their reliable knowledge, expertise and wisdom.


The animals have been feeling our anxiety for a long time which is partly why my practice is flourishing. They are doing their bit but like most of us are desperate for support.

Animals rely on our compassion and our love and that is what we need to share.

Health has been hi-jacked not only by opinions but by politics and corporations because it is a hugely important and profitable industry. Science is a fragment and a fragmented enterprise of the whole picture that provides accurate information to establish a way forward but often only select pieces of this information are given value by those who get to decide what they want people to know.


There is good science to support our decisions to manage our health through natural and innate mechanisms that does not cost the Earth and does not require us all to be treated as identical game pieces. We are all different and cannot be subjected to a forced health agenda on the premise that one size fits all because that is a totally inaccurate and dangerous assumption. Fear is an extremely powerful weapon and we must be strong enough regardless of our opinions to hold the centre ground for the long term survival of all species on it. Extreme views are inherently destructive to our goal of a unified and peaceful world and they are hard to harness for good.

I will continue to post blogs with nutritional and spiritual survival tools. In the meantime, anyone who wants links to the science supporting the fact that many of us probably already have a level of immunity to most microbial things we encounter and that the current herd immunity concept is based in outdated 1970’s data, please contact me directly.

I can also describe to you very simply and clearly how immunity works should you like to have that basic knowledge to make important decisions for all the animals in your family.


The way forward is with courage, kindness and compassion regardless of the individual choices we make to manage our health and that of our animals, as those choices are our sovereign right…… “Be brave, be brave, no fear, no fear.”


We must be mighty mammals until such time that we further evolve and all this becomes less important.







“Be wise!

Do not allow at any time

Your outer life-turbulence

To disturb your inner life-poise.”




Do not forget

That you have

Many, many friends

In the world.”




“Our mind-windows

Have to be cleaned every day

If we want to see truth through



77,000 Service Trees by Sri Chinmoy

4 Responses to “Mighty Mammals”

  1. From Kylie

    Thank you Saranyu for your words of centredness and clarity. Such light shining through these times of great shadow and darkness for some. Inner feelings become thoughts, which become words, which become actions, which directly affect the energy of and around us, which affects our inner feelings.
    May we all remember our divinity and connect with the energy and vitality of our individual and collective life force. In respect and love.

  2. From Kerri

    What a beautiful perspective and so compassionately written our human ability to connect & live with nature without interference from those who appear to profit from keeping people in fear and therefore relying on others to take care of their health.

  3. From Carol Stephenson

    …… thank you for standing up for what is right, for health and natural immunity, and the Light of knowledge and justice. It can be very isolating at times to know that very few people I know are on the same page as me and that there are so many subjects that interest me that cannot come up for discussion between us!…..

  4. From Ulrike

    wise words! Thank you for your insights and compassion for this world

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