Let Sleepings Dogs Lie

There is much hidden wisdom in our collective history and subconscious that still needs to come to light. Perhaps none so more than in these present troublesome and turbulent times have we sought to find meaning in our existence and connection with our purpose.

Reflecting on this adage today and being uncertain as to when it came into common usage, I have always taken this to mean …literally, don’t wake a sleeping dog that may be dangerous when aroused and allegorically, don’t try to go back to fix a problem once it has been resolved or put to bed.

My insight today leads me to share another perspective on the interpretation of this old saying.


Many Eastern philosophies speak of the great illusion in terms of Lila or Maya or just simply the great illusion we are living under. An illusion is basically a lie, a falsehood. The basis of this is not to dismiss the importance of life but simply to remind us that our experiences here are transitory and constructed to teach us important lessons before we move back to our reality which is our divine existence. In Western philosophy it roughly translates as …make the most of your life since we only live once and then are dead for a very long time.


It is not difficult to see why many of us are searching for more meaning to our short existence if we come from a Western culture and another well known adage…East is East and West is West and ne’er (never) the two shall meet…has been put into contention in recent decades as more and more of us here, seeking a higher purpose, turn to the beauty of Eastern philosophies.

The many differences between Eastern and Western cultures are being mitigated by globalisation and expanding awareness of our oneness home and more of us are seeking similarities rather than differences. Ironically and perhaps not surprisingly in this age of global technocracy, we have indeed all been placed in the same hand basket this year regardless of where we live on Earth.

In spiritual terms we talk about the ones who are not awake as being the people who have not yet recognised their inner truth or the sovereignty of their own higher beings. All philosophies term this the Soul but varied interpretations abound. The only truth to be had resides inside each and every one of us only some of us can access this more readily than others.



In 2021 I have come to realise…..let sleeping dogs….dogs in this regard are the dogs of war, the dogs of industry, the ones who ‘dog’ us to comply to unreasonable regulation ..also not awake to their higher purpose…..lie……propagate falsehood….. “Let sleeping dogs lie.”


This little exercise of mine therefore, having been born from a need to express myself creatively in an increasingly hostile world, has rejuvenated an old saying that brings new insight. I am sure there is much wisdom to be found in our collective human history of similar ilk so I will keep you posted…..maybe my next attempt will be to work out what the hell ‘ilk’ is or from whence it came.

In the meantime, Paws to Heal continues to support animals and their people to find common ground through meaningful communication so that we can all stay well and healthy.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, appreciation and encouragement.



His mind refuses the truth

His mind refuses to accept the Truth
Truth is too powerful.

His mind refuses to face the Truth
Truth is too beautiful.

His mind refuses to love the Truth
Truth is too fruitful;
Truth is too soulful.


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