Science in Medicine


Science is defined in the Oxford dictionary as the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Something that is NOT scientific therefore is the refusal to investigate and study phenomena that we don’t understand and to NOT seek to discover more about our natural world.

Sadly this is where our government and peak academic institutions in Australia are determined to lead us in current times. This has been made more apparent by the 2015 NHMRC review into homeopathy, which has been manipulated to justify blocking funding for research into these and other natural medicines.

Science has been high-jacked and not, as you may imagine, by the homeopaths, acupuncturists and those who make considered and informed choices regarding the employment of judicious vaccines (so called the anti vaxxers in a successful attempt to elicit prejudice) but by the very establishment that we ought to be able to trust to act in our best interests.

It appears that science is being redefined and limited to suit a personal, corporate or political agenda and many Australians are unaware that the fate of their medical system is in the hands of those with vested interests in keeping us in the dark.

Despite the seriousness of this situation, it is tragically hilarious that highly educated and albeit, well meaning groups of medical and biological scientists in Australia (such as Friends of Science in Medicine or FSM), can be so self congratulatory over achievements that ought to be an embarrassment to any self respecting scientist. The FSM website, for example, abounds with success stories involving shutting down schools that teach natural medicine and homeopathy (which, by the way, is one of the first truly scientific practices in medicine that was ever established), and shaming and forcing people to vaccinate their children against their will, or their own better judgement.

It appears that the FSM has been formed specifically to ridicule and eradicate systems of medicine and science that they do not care to investigate or understand. A terrible side effect of this, whether intentional or not, is to limit personal choice of healthcare and to influence, to our detriment, the type of medical research being undertaken as well as limiting the range of medicines that are made available to the public.

I don’t think it is legitimate to label or tarnish all members of an organization just by their affiliations but I see that it is also not always wise to consider somebody to be an expert by virtue of their qualifications alone. I personally know some of the members of this group and they are very good people with a high intelligence and a lot of experience to offer. Unfortunately, perhaps it is too difficult or challenging for many of these same people to admit that they do not know everything and I also suspect that they themselves may not be aware of the full workings of the FSM machine.


Science was developed specifically so that we could explore that which we do not understand.


Many people may not realise that for every highly educated and respected member of FSM there is an equal number of men and women with equally impressive credentials that have made the effort, or have been fortunate enough to develop the capacity, to see that there is evidence for many of the things to which FSM is vehemently opposed.

It appears however that the passion on both sides of this virtual barbed wire fence stems from different bases.

Personally, my objection to groups like FSM and the near violence of their assertions is on the grounds of social justice and the refusal to acknowledge freedom of choice to use medicines in a fully informed manner.

I understand that the position of some of the members of FSM is that the public is being misled by what they consider to be pseudoscience, which is a term that has been developed to label things, as yet, not understood. The degree of animosity, with which some individuals struggle to contain, however, is far greater than could be expected. It suggests a much deeper personal insult to their perception of our world and a rigidity that is causing distress to more than themselves.

We are being let down and disappointed by the very people who have spent their lives trying to make our health better. It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a political and corporate agenda that governs the western world and it is not healthy.


The so called ‘powers that be’ have for a long time not been natural or divine.


My advice to my suffering colleagues, who are worried about the use of homeopathic medicines and feel the need to band together in groups to defend the world from the evils of nature, is to lighten up, be happy and admit that you don’t know everything.

The damage done to our own selves and others through anger and prejudice are hard to repair and the power that we give to the ego is more destructive to our health than any of the medicines we could ever use.


45 Science Is Desperately Searching …

Science is desperately searching
For the cosmic key.
Nature already has it.

Sri Chinmoy, Science and nature, Agni Press, 1996




Science has made
Many grandiose discoveries,
But it has also encaged
The heart..

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 33, Agni Press, 2003


5 Responses to “Science in Medicine”

  1. From Cathie Harvey

    Excellent article Saranyu, so true the points on science discovering what we don’t know. How can modern science disregard their history of discoveries? Finding bacteria once the microscope was developed and revealed them!
    It will be interesting to see what the future (and present) reveals. But minds must be open and unbiased to see.

  2. From Clare Middle

    Hi Saranyu

    That is such a wise and well written piece, so honest and true.

  3. From Clare Rudkin

    I am a scientist with a PhD and agree with the above. Unfortunately they do not really understand science – especially medical practitioners who are actually not taught science. Science is supposed to go from the observed to the theory which is then tested. If the theory doesn’t work, it does not negate the observation. You will notice that they say that ‘there is no evidence that…’. But we are not told how hard they looked for evidence or the experimental design that failed to show evidence. Moreover, because holistic medicine is presumed not to work, it is very have to get funding to examine it. There is more in this world that our science does not understand that many seem to think. Just look at the science of fundamental particles!

  4. From Monica Winston

    Excellent article Saranyu. Thank you. It would be good if there is something people can do that flows from this…like a petition or event.

  5. From Sharon

    Yes! Well said Saranyu. My right to use medicines of my choice. My long term experience of using homeopathy is very positive.

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