Now What?

As animal lovers and ones who share our lives and purpose with them, we must now look to them and the natural world to inspire us to rediscover and ignite our joy, our enthusiasm to keep trying.

The massive and incomprehensible forces of division that have swept across the globe these past two years under various disguises and insulting names have created and perpetuated a level of fear that we and our animals have not been able to fully withstand without the help of each other.

As simple beings, animals offer us love, bring us joy and make us smile which is why there has been a shortage of pets for adoption over the year as we seek solace in their company as our own lives become harder to navigate.

Our pets and companion animals are also subjected to the same influences and assaults, albeit with differing and different coping mechanisms ,which is why we seek help from animal health professionals and integrative veterinarians who better understand such interactions.

Currently we are all facing an unprecedented, unnatural attack upon our health.

This will require us to dig deeper into our collective consciousness and use the mightiest of all weapons we have always had at our disposal but have forgotten how to wield….LOVE POWER

Fortunately, as domesticated beings spared from the harsh brutality of the wilds,  our animals also enjoy the luxury of a heart centred approach to life. They are largely protected from the mind hell that we, as humans, are prone to suffer and they do not need to kill each other any longer in order to survive.  This is partly why they are pivotal role models for our endurance as we take tips from their simplicity and genuine acceptance of life.


The prompt for this posting today….


My mind does not know

Where it is going.

My heart does not know

Why it is crying.

My life does not know

Why it is failing.

But I do know

What I am doing:

I am doing what I am inspired to do

From within.


With further commentary, also in  Sri Chinmoy’s own wise words….


“The best thing is not to use the mind to execute anything unless and until you have heard from the inner Source what you should do or what you should say. If you are prompted to do something but have not gone deep within, do not do it.

Before we actually execute what we feel like doing, let us go deep within. When it is an important matter, the best thing is not to even think of doing anything without going deep within. That is wisdom.”

We all know how intelligent and clever our animals can appear to be but few realise that this is survival intelligence and not the type of mental activity that causes suffering in humans. Animals have instinct which in the human is called intuition. It is their key to survival and we have mostly lost our own connection to this key. Our thoughts and the actions arising therefrom are too easily influenced by the over reliance we have on our large brains and the thirst for information.

We have forgotten to listen to our ‘gut instinct’ or our heart…our intuition.

It is difficult to find a healthy balance inside worldly messages as we naturally rely much more on rational thought, logic and the opinions or dictates of others. This is the defining difference between us and our pets given that we are all subjected to the same living conditions, climate and dietary influences, all of which have been discussed elsewhere as factors for disease. However disconcerting this may appear it is further compounded by the fact that rational thought, discussion, logic  and reliable information, once termed truth, have also been hijacked in the current world dilemma, so we must rely on our intuition even more strongly.


As a world currently in ‘disease’…not at ease…

here’s the kicker……up until now we have decided to give our pets and animals the medical interventions that we understand they need to keep them ‘healthy’. They have no choice in the injections or medicines they receive from us or our representatives. It is also widely recognised that dogs cannot attend school or boarding facilities or travel without their ‘shots’. Suddenly an eerie parallel appears in our current global ‘crisis’ that leaves me wondering who my ‘owner’ is and when this happened without my knowledge or consent.


The governing factors behind animal health management practices have been covered elsewhere  but we are being actively and aggressively prevented from discussing the factors influencing global human health management practices. This is a situation we must now learn to navigate with courage and conviction under a constant bombardment of real and manufactured fear, coercion and polarisation.


Using our helpmates, “our little brothers and sisters”, as Sri Chinmoy affectionately describes them, we must dig deep and listen to our higher selves as the messages get more and more difficult to hear against a tirade of senseless, divisive and useless background noise and fear.


Just as our dear dogs are ‘super sniffers’ and need to filter out the smells that are less important so must we too now learn to filter out the messages that are less important to our health and happiness as a human race. The only way forward, the only healing of the massive rift that has divided  and separated us from our fellow human beings has to be the emboldening and strengthening of our individual and collective spiritual heart because all mental battles are failing against the tyranny of technology. There can never be Artificial Heart.


Some tips for heart strengthening,


Pat or cuddle your pets/children often (if they are obliging)

Remind them how much you love them

Place fresh flowers in the house to appreciate beauty or stop to enjoy them in the garden

Walk every day and concentrate on the breath you take into your heart

Look at all things and all others with kindness

Take help from Mother Nature every day as food and inspiration

Be grateful and teach yourself to prioritise this feeling and most importantly…… be kind to yourself because we really need all good hands on deck for the foreseeable future.



“Before you look at the world, muster all your love”

Song, Sri Chinmoy


“I must meditate and meditate

And meditate

Either to illumine my mind

Or to conquer the disasters

That my mind creates.”


Excerpt 478..My Morning Soul-Body Prayers, Sri Chinmoy

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