A New World of Peace

This is an announcement that Dr Pearson will be unavailable for consultations between April 3 and June 15 this year (2016) and Paws to Heal will be closed during this period.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause and recommend that you visit your local veterinary clinic for any problems that may arise over this time.

Geelong Animal Emergency Clinic is recommended for out of hours attention.

Dr Pearson will be joining the North American Peace Run Team  and will be running in a relay with fifteen other peace runners from New York to San Francisco on the first half of the US Peace Run 2016.

For those interested in learning more about the SriChinmoy Oneness Home Peace Run, please read on.

Otherwise Dr Pearson will see you later in the year and would like to thank you all for your continuing patronage and friendship.


The Sri Chinmoy Oneness Home Peace Run is history’s largest and longest running torch relay, having visited over 140 nations since its inception in 1987. It is non-political, non-religious and non-commercial. A relay team carries a peace torch from town to town, visiting schools and community groups along the way.

The core message of the Peace Run is that peace begins inside the heart of each individual. The burning flame symbolizes the flame of aspiration that we all carry inside our hearts. It also, of course, is a major source of immense excitement for the children.1447-28.jpg.450x0_q85


The run was inaugurated by world peace visionary Sri Chinmoy in 1987 as a grassroots volunteer initiative whereby those being inspired by the message of peace and wishing to be involved, take leave from their family commitments and workplaces to immerse themselves in an unforgettable adventure for however many weeks possible.

This year I have the privilege of being invited to participate in the US run and can think of no better way to see and experience a country than on foot, step by step. This will be the longest run I have done to date, taking only one to two weeks a year most other years and am eagerly anticipating the next few months.

I am often asked why I do this event. This you tube alone is all the answer I ever really need.  Be sure to watch it full screen and full volume.

The following photographs also speak for themselves.










As a team we visit schools and communities throughout the run and conduct simple presentations to the children and public in a mutual sharing of enthusiasm and inspiration for a more peaceful world. The children often spend a lot of time and effort leading up to the visit making drawings and composing poems to present to the runners.

We sing songs (the Peace Run Song) about peace and about the Run. We show the children how to access their own inner peace using a simple exercise that they can practice anywhere and anytime.











In recent times amidst global turmoil and an escalating refugee crisis it is very easy to forget that peace begins with individuals and equally difficult to muster the patience and kindness necessary to bring this about. In our daily duties and difficulties it is often hard to find time for peace in our own lives and the Peace Run provides a perfect opportunity for people to hold the torch and connect with thousands of others around the world for a brief but significant moment with a common purpose. The Run tries to visit as many countries as possible so that the message is universal.

Sri Chinmoy tells us that when we are following the spiritual life, we have to know that our real freedom is in identifying ourselves with the rest of the world, with humanity at large.

The Peace Run is an immersion into an ideal world for a brief period where happiness, joy and peace can be felt and shared in a microcosm of perfection that the Run carries from town to town. It is a self energizing event as the runners receive inspiration from people from all walks of life that we meet along the way.

I look forward to my time on the Peace Run because it reminds me that there is hope and the possibility of a better world through heart power. This power keeps the Run on the road and keeps us all alive.

You can follow the Run on a daily basis at this link.

Peace Does Not Mean the Absence of War
October 26th, 1987

Peace does not mean the absence of war.
Peace means the presence of harmony,
Love, oneness and satisfaction.
Peace means a flood of love
In the world-family.



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  1. From Felicia Sowinski

    Thank you Saranyu for focusing on a vision of peace for the world. I wish you an enlightening and loving adventure. My thoughts will be with you. Run well!! Warmest regards, Felicia.

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