Desires to be Magnetised

This rubric in my homeopathic repertory has always intrigued me. My tutors would interpret this in animal circles as desires to be massaged or patted, but that could be almost any dog or cat, although some don’t like to be patted. Cats generally hate massage and ironically in Kents repertory under Mind, touch aversion to, we find lachesis (along with sil and calc) which are also  ‘desires to be magnetised’ remedies. Repertories are by no means perfect and are open to interpretation, more so when translating into animal medicine. It pays, therefore, to be inquisitive and probing in selection of meanings as most of these provings were conducted in Germany and Europe in days of old when even the English language itself was largely unrecognisable.
It also beggars the question of suitability of the rubric at all in animal clinical cases although I can’t help but be drawn to it.
Recently in my studies I have encountered Dhawales input whereby his interpretation involves a desire to be mesmerised or entranced by someone or thing which aptly fits my own feeling of the concept. I was observing a German Shorthaired Pointer in the park today standing transfixed awaiting command and immediately thought of the trance like state of being mesmerised.

Mesmer is attributed to having introduced  the concept of ‘animal magnetism’ two hundred years ago from which hypnotherapy sprang in the mid 1800’s. Magnetic therapy dropped out of mainstream medicine relatively quickly but not before giving rise to chiropractic that has prevailed along with hypnotherapy to modern times.

Personally I am inclined to the belief that the snake remedies are highly likely to belong to this state of other worldliness or entrancement as borne out by Kents inclusion of Lachesis and Phos (a component of venom) in the rubric.  There is a lot of ‘animal magnetism’ in the snake remedies.


Phos also has the ability to return consciousness post anaesthetic or  from‘other worldly’ states. It is also interesting to note that the thunderstorm remedies feature predominantly lach, phos, sil  and nat-c as well, suggestive of electrical influences in these remedies.
The relationship of remedies has been extensively studied and identified but it always gives me satisfaction to discover more connections and possibilities.

My study of magnetic theory has led me to understand that the earth is producing its own magnetic field and has been doing so for over 3 billion years. This field is generated largely by the randomised spins of ions at extremely high temperature in the liquid iron core of the earth rotating against the orbital rotation of the earth.  This generates a field of between 0.3-0.6 Gauss by a dynamo effect, similar to the good old bike light dynamos we used in the 70’s to light our way home. This earth generated field, though seemingly weak, extends for tens of thousands of kilometers into the atmosphere forming the magnetosphere and protecting the earth from bombardment of particles from space or solar wind.  I have long wondered about the North and South poles,on which stories we are raised, with no real appreciation for their basis or purpose.
The Earths magnetic field is a protective field without which all life on Earth could cease.

We, ourselves, as living organisms generate our own electromagnetic fields that can be measured.  As it is an endogenous magnetic phenomenon and the source of ‘animal magnetism’ it is most likely to also be a dynamo effect generated by circulating blood and body movements, which is why it is often strongest in the evenings. Circadian rhythm identifies and maps our biological processes over the course of 24 hours and these healthy processes influence our energy output at many levels. This energy has been identified by various names throughout the ages and cultures as prana, qi or chi, orgone and aura amongst others and the identification of this field has largely formed the basis for the majority of energy healing practices conducted in modern times. Extrapolating on the protective influence of the Earths field we can surmise that our own individual magnetic field has similar properties.

This accounts, in part, for my reluctance up to now to embrace magnetic experiments in consideration for the interference they may cause to our own energy fields. I have since become more comfortable with external devices after observing them and their effects more closely on people and animals alike but I still believe that it is not fully understood nor sufficiently studied. It is very interesting however to note that the greatest and most powerful medical diagnostic imaging device, to date, is an MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imager and perhaps it will be educational to observe the side effects of this technology. It, unlike most other magnets, is extremely powerful. (15,000-30,000 Gauss) Most of the magnets we use in therapeutic devices are between 300-700 or up to 2000 Gauss. The strength of the magnetic field determines its depth of penetration into tissues.

Magnetic field generators have been installed in all manned spaceships after finding that bone marrow and cell production decline sharply and eventually cease, and the immune system is quickly and severely depressed without the normal magnetic field.  Extrapolating from this, if the Earths field continues to decline as it has been shown to be doing, albeit extremely slowly, coupled with the barrage of excess harmful radiation we continuously expose ourselves to in this modern world, it may be worth considering magnetic field supplementation.

Further to this and coincidentally I have been experimenting with the Nikken system of magnetic health products. These include magnetic mats and handheld magnets purported to induce healing. I have tried them on family and friends and some patients, in keeping with the example set by all good provers, and found some interesting results thus far, albeit from a very small sample size.
I am testing my theory that the ‘desires to be magnetised’ rubric arose from exactly that- magnetism and the effect it had on those of that remedy, namely the calc, phos, sil and lach (nat-c to  a lesser extent).
So far, the very best results have been with phos constitutions except for one phos dog that didn’t want to sit on the mat. I am still experimenting and it is much too early to make assessments. It is by no means an unbiased trial because now I am actively trying to identify the constitution prior to trialling the magnets for a host of disorders other than rheumatism and arthritis. Cancer features a bit in lachesis and I have some more trials to conduct before making any further postulations.
There is also an incurable case of skin disease, albeit with unidentified constitution, that I hope to test on the magnetic mat.

When all is said and done, it comes down once again to our never ending search for the truth and a better way to do things.

Sri Chinmoy says of Truth and seeking truth….

A perfect Truth-seeker and God-lover

Is not Heaven-born.

He is earth-born

From earth’s sleepless and breathless

Tears and cries.


If you are a genuine truth-seeker

And God-lover,

Then you can never belittle

Other truth-seekers

And God-lovers.

It is our combined and integrated efforts as humanity that will lead the way forward.

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    Some good info here. Still looking for more data on natural health and would very much appreciate any advice. Thanks a lot!

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    Your insights are so inspiring
    Jennifer Hornsey

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