Who’s in charge?

I am becoming increasingly aware that my role of natural animal therapist is largely to put the animals back in charge of their own healing.
Pondering this today, I am reminded of who is really in charge.
With a deep personal conviction that the Universe and the Creator loves us all more than we can possibly imagine and more even than we love each other, it follows that He is also going to be far more caring of His Creation than we can ever hope to be.


As guardians of the life force within us, we do our best to maintain health and to make progress. The vital force that we, as homeopaths, work with inside animals is also one of these trusted guardians.  It is necessary to be able to recognise this force and to ascertain its capacity to some extent in order to assist it homeopathically.  As a colleague keeps reminding me, this force is always going to try to do the best thing for the individual. Whilst it is a disturbance to the vital force that causes disease, the animal will then manifest symptoms so that a remedy can be matched to the level and type of disturbance. This is the essence of our art as homeopaths and the basis on which a cure can occur.

I have been observing the work of an animal communicator recently, which has also brought this issue more to the fore.  Over time and like many in my profession, I have run the full gamut of scepticism and acceptance of this skill. As I strive to ‘get a handle’ on my understanding of this technique, I realise that the animals themselves are as unaware of their higher selves as are many of us.
The vital force is not the highest self but it is largely an unconscious aspect of our being nonetheless. I observe that animal communicators can listen to the animals’ conscious selves in ways that they are able to silently articulate their thoughts and feelings to some extent. Animals have varying levels of intelligence and every living thing has it to some degree. Only the communicator themselves can adequately describe their art and I do not profess to function at this level in order to be qualified to elaborate further upon it. Suffice to say that, as a thinker, I have been challenged recently to identify these phenomena as I ponder my own work.
I observe that a communicator can assist in the following ways.  They can get the animals perspective which can assist to create an opportunity to make a shift in thinking and energy in a situation. They can validate or refute the effectiveness of a management practice that has been employed and may be causing problems for the animal. They can help owners to understand their animals better.

They can provide information that can be challenging to the owner but may help them to grow in their relationships.  Some people would not want to know what their animals are thinking or feeling for fear of the requirements to make changes. Others are very grateful for the insights into situations that help them to solve problems with behaviour especially.

images-7From a therapeutic viewpoint however, I believe and observe that most animals are no more capable of healing themselves when these blocks occur than are we ourselves.  Disease occurs at the level of the vital force, which is a subconscious or unconscious level. Information gleaned from the outer layers including the mind and emotion can be useful in formulating rubrics (homeopathic symptom lists). Many eminent homeopaths highlight the importance of ‘mentals’ or symptoms of the mind. A communicator can assist in identifying these just as a physician can identify the physical symptoms. The information they can provide can therefore be as useful as the ‘mentals’ that are so much more easily obtained in people.
There are also a lot of people who think it is fun to have this type of communication with their animals just for the joy factor.

I suppose the bottom line in therapy is not so much what you know but how you can put it to good use.


It is comforting to know that there are many levels of help available.

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  1. From lisa

    Hi Dr Pearson
    Interested to hear your views on animal communication, very interested in learning this myself. Currently travel around Melbourne and surrounds pet sitting and looking after all types of animals, they have alot to offer us, and we can learn a lot from them.

    Dr Pearsons reply:

    Thank you for your enquiry about animal communication.
    If you are interested to lean more about how you can discover your own ability I can also refer you to Trish McCagh http://www.animaltalk.com.au/
    and Dr Michael Bascombe http://www.michaelbascombe.com/

    I don’t teach this skill and have not developed my own as far as these two have.

    My expertise is more in healing (as is Michaels) than ‘chatting’ with the animals. The animals feel at home with Trish because she does not try to analyse or test them in the way that I do in my attempt to cure them. I think she is not very confrontational at all. Even though I am very humble and respectful with them they know I want something!

    To explain……..
    There are multiple layers of subtle function in an animal(and person) that can be detected and interpreted by those tuned to the same level. Likened to a radio receiver.
    People who call themselves communicators tap into the emotional vital where the animal can communicate what they are feeling. I sometimes see this when I am working with them but it is not my level of practice. I concentrate more at a level that the animal themselves is often unaware of(deeper level) to see disease.
    Sometimes the animals know what is making them unwell and often they don’t so I bypass their own interpretations very often. Sometimes their feelings however can definitely lead to a remedy or cure because it can be the actions of people or environment causing their distress and the animals know that. If they cannot change it themselves they will ‘tell’ one of us to tell the owner or anyone else who could effect the change required. Michael is very good at that. I do not get messages from the animals that I need to pass on, my messages are personal insights into the animals ‘mentals’ which help with the homeopathic case I am taking.

    Often the shift of energy required to bring about healing will occur just by opening up the case and bringing awareness into the picture. This is why so many people are happy to hear what communicators say from the animals because it helps them to understand their relationship with the animal more.
    Also and importantly, in my experience, an animal will not always know what is best for it and we do not always have to do what they say (like children!!) but nonetheless respect the view. This is mostly why I operate at a deeper level than their own emotion.

    Personally I have only needed to ask Trish or Michael once or twice each to assist to open cases through communication.
    Personally I find that most things I need to know about an animal to help healing I will get and the other stuff can be interesting but not directly relevant.

    So, it all depends on how you see yourself fitting into this picture as to who you contact or how you study.
    My main study is meditation and homeopathy. I don’t know about Trish but I know Michael is largely shamanic.

    We have many gifts that can be awakened and nurtured through our good intent.
    Good luck on your journey

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